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Axelrod: I’m Staying Until Next Year

With senior Obama aides starting to drop like flies – and Rahm himself likely to leave soon – reporters are now desperate to figure out who’s going – and when – before someone else figures it out.

It’s part of the new sad state of journalism. The web has created so much competition and such a need to post it as quickly as possible that the quality of what you read is being diminished faster than you can say “get two sources who say the same thing and aren’t speculating.”

In this piece out today, Daily Caller White House reporter Jon Ward asked White House political guru David Axelrod to respond to “rumors” that he’ll be out by the end of the year. This is not a bad tactic, as long as you weren’t going to actually write a story based on the rumors and were just using it to ferret out information.

Jon’s a good reporter and so I assume that’s what he was doing.

Axelrod took the bait, responding by email that, “I’ll be here well into 2011. At some point, I’ll leave to work on reelect.”

Oh, and what “reelect?” Have we announced yet? Usually presidents at least pretend for a while that they’re not running for reelection.

2 Responses to Axelrod: I’m Staying Until Next Year

  1. Oh, yes, spot on and all the rest.
    The internet news machines, the twitters, cable opininators, and blogs are the ultimate “game changers”. The day of the newsman with the press pass stuck in his hat band, or the young journalist chasing a front-page story are gone.
    The public no longer has to rely on home-town papers or MSM news but can peruse the all of news machines for information. Eye witness reports of newsworthy events have been replaced by cell photos and videos that tell the story.

    The WH pressmen or MSM pretty-faces who do the “snoopy dance” every time they get an exclusive interview with the Prez or his staff only impress each other. When the MSM claims an “exclusive interview” with O, the public is not impressed or curious enough to tune in and their ratings show it.

    As for the reelection of O; if his numbers stay in the tank, he’ll drag the rest of the Dems down with him. They won’t like that. My money is on a one and out.

  2. I am GLAD he will stay. It has been Axelrod’s poor advice that has put The Messiah in the dog house. I was sorry see Summers leave, and the two before him, as well as that Marxist lightining rod – Van Jones. Everybody else, stay put! The Obama Administration’s downfall is a blueprint for Republican success this November and in 2012. Don’t change a thing. Rahm stay where you are. Granted the country is going to suffer, but we only have another 30+ days to go until *REAL* “hope and change” take place. America … hold tight. Were coming to the rescue.