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How Woodward Works His Magic

Great piece here on  Bob Woodward by two other great reporters, John F. Harris and Mike Allen of POLITICO, on how the Watergate sleuth goes about his business gathering string for his White House books.

The bottom line is that he amasses enough information that people in the White House are caught in a terrible bind. You really don’t want him snooping around. But if you don’t help him, you let other people describe what you are doing and don’t get to have your input. So you help him. Obama opened the doors to the West Wing for him, and the White House does not seem to be pushing back on any of what Woodward has written.

Woodward’s book on the Obama administration’s conduct of the war in Afghanistan, “Obama’s Wars,” is out Monday.

7 Responses to How Woodward Works His Magic

  1. What happened to Bernstein, still working?

    It seems Mr Woodward knows the answers to his questions before he asks.
    He must still have some spectacular sources. Just sayin’.

    • Bernstein never really kept pace with Woodward. He worked for ABC news for a while, wrote a book about the last Pope I think. Ironically, old hands say Bernstein was the real shoe leather “reporter’s reporter” of the two when they were doing Watergate.

  2. Carl and I dated a few times before Watergate…now sometimes he’s on the news and my kid will come in and glance up and say, “Man, Mom, he hasn’t aged well since Dustin Hoffman.”

  3. Sheesh, what comments!

    @srdem65, GREAT question about Bernstein (I just read All the Kings Men several days ago). GREAT comment about Woodward. It does seem he already has the answers.

    @Keith: Never knew that Bernstein was the elbow grease behind those two. Understandable.

    @Star: Wow. Laughed at the comment by your son!!!

    There is one way to stop the Woodward books. STOP WOODWARD! Tell him NO, you can’t come and interview our people. Bush made a pact with the devil when he let Woodward in and boy did the sparks fly after that. Now Obama has received the Woodward treatment. Gen. Petreaus comment is laughable. General, Axelrod’s job IS spin!

    I don’t like books like this because they paint EVERY administration as doddering fools when they are not. They are keenly run operations (even the Messiah’s) with everyone digging out his or her cubbyhole of power and then staunchly defend’s against everyone else. Its about power, power, and more power.

    The key points from this book are:

    1. Obama is not (and was never) in control.
    2. Obama was for Afghanistan before he was against it.
    3. Rahm is the only person who likes killing Islamofascsists.
    4. There was not (and has not been) any plan for Afghanistan.
    5. Obama is not (and never was) in control.

  4. My kid is a girl, but she is pretty funny about her has-been Mom in her family room in dunkyville saying, “I dated that guy” when the news is on. And now some people are writing memoirs–arg. One guy (no names) changed MY name to Tawny in his book–I guess he thought that was my stripper name.