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Obama Schedule || September 23, 2010

10:00 am || Addresses the UN General Assembly
11:00 am || Bilateral with Premier Wen of China
1:15 pm || Attends lunch hosted by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon
3:50 pm || With the First Lady, joins President Bill Clinton to address the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative
5:10 pm || Bilateral meeting with Japanese PM Naoto Kan
7:15 pm || With the First Lady, hosts reception in honor of heads of delegation attending UN General Assembly

All times Eastern

5 Responses to Obama Schedule || September 23, 2010

  1. I saw photos of him in NYC today and he had on eyeliner again on his bottom lids athough subtle, of course. Women can detect this kind of thing. It makes me wonder how sunken his eyes must look if they resort to this.

    I love his Slurpee speeches and made a video of them: Obama Says That the GOP are Bitter, Slurpee, Clingers

    I did two of the funny pictures: the one I’m using for my avatar and Michelle on the Slurpee. It’s a shame that you can’t get a close up of Michelle because I gave her Slurpee dangling earrings, a worldwide first.

  2. I need to get out more; when I heard that Mrs O was going to address the “CGI” I thought it was strange that she would be involved with the “Computer Generated Images” company. It seems our FL is jumping into politics with both feet now. No more “mom in chief”.

  3. srdem65: I laughed at your post about Michelle! Sheesh, how true.

    I am *very* suprised that Obama has *anything* to do with the Clinton Global Initiative [ “helping young women attain their full and rightful potential through the personal interaction with former President, Bill Clinton” … oh my …. ].

    I would have assumed the Clinton’s would have viewed Obama (by now) as toxic and unelectable and pulled their sharpened tentacles out of his back and begun to ready themselves for 2012. Guess not.

    The CGI, though well meaning, is nothing more than a typical, liberal-Marxist redistribution-of-wealth “initiative” that simply throws money at poor countries, who in turn, squander the wealth they have been given. Although some portions of CGI are laudable, I think its part of the overall “global” bull scheisse the liberals push: one world, one government, one everything. No, no conspiracy theory here, its simply the liberal-Marxist mantra that Clinton himself, on his website pushes: “We are all in this together.” No were not. I have absolutely nothing to do with someone in Niger, Iran or Bhutan. Sorry Bill.

    You help countries overseas by maintaining *NATIONALISM*, or as Michael Savage has stated, “borders, language, culture*. America has remained strong because we have adopted a culture of great consumerism, great wealth through free enterprise based upon a Judeo-Christian lifestyle that makes the perpetuation of wealth acheiveable by anyone in our nation. The key is egalitarian (but Constituitionally-driven) freedom. Unless you are free, you can’t succeed.

    So Bill, instead of throwing money away, how about you *TEACH* the kids in Iran, Bhutan and Niger about freedom, capitalism, “freedom through military victory” and other ideals?

  4. I can see variations…”The surgeon is standing there, someone is holding a Slurpee to his lips, under that mask there, the one they wear, and he is hydrating to cut off someone’s feet to get more money than treating their diabetes…” Or… “We told Iran NO NUKES, but someone got the guy a Slurpee, do they drink those there, let’s say they do, and he is on a sugar high, I learned about this from Michelle, and he…”

    Ack! Actually I am a little thirsty now.

  5. I can’t even walk in my neighborhood tonight (West 81st) who’s hosting the party? DPLs parked in Central Park. Who needs the UN if you have an apartment large enough to hold all these heads of state?