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Obama Schedule || September 22, 2010

10:35 am || “Drops by” meeting with insurance commissioners
11:45 am || “Backyard discussion” on health care and Patients’ Bill of Rights; Falls Church, VA
2:45 pm || Departs White House
3:55 pm || Arrives New York City
4:45 pm || Delivers remarks at the Millennium Development Goals Conference
6:35 pm || Speaks at fundraiser for Democratic House and Senate campaign committees
7:30 pm || Second fundraiser for DSCC and DCCC

All times Eastern

The trip to New York, in addition to raising money, is for the meeting of the UN General Assembly, which Obama will address Thursday. He will also have a series of bilateral discussions with world leaders.

5 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || September 22, 2010”

  1. I am still angry that Obama’s UN Staff did not get up and walk out when the Iranian Nazi stood and began his anti-Semitic, anti-American Islamofascist tirade yesterday at the United Nations. What is sacred anymore? Had Jeanne Kirkpatrick been at the helm, the table with the nameplate “United States of America” would have long sat absent before the Hitler-in-a-headscarf had mounted the podium.

  2. Arg-another sweaty backyard with paid govt employees…clue bat time! Patient Bill of Rights–how about the right to “go bare” and not have insurance?

  3. Another backyard chat, aarrrggghh. Nobody believes that they are just plain folks who happen to be home in the middle of the week with nothing to do but pop over to Joe’s house and surpisingly find the POTUS, the Secret Service, 73 limos, 15 video cameras, the WH press pool, the local Police/FireDept. and probably Auntie Val all waiting for someone to chat to

    The other latest bone-headed tactic was to conference call hundreds of clergy asking them to promote his Obamacare to their flocks.
    Nincompoop politics.

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