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Obama Heckled by Gay Activists

President Obama tonight got a dose of something he’s not terribly used to – heckling.

The president is waging a tricky juggling act trying to please various Democratic Party factions while keeping his ratings like, above 40 percent. With the Senate having failed Tuesday to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” one of the traditionally more vocal and colorful factions is not happy.

Here’s the pool report out of a New York Fundraiser, where Obama is raising money for the House and Senate Democratic campaign committees.

Shortly after the president began speaking at 6:45 p.m, a woman began shouting, “President Obama, President Obama” and two or three men held up signs that said “Broken promises,” and “No retreat, fund AIDS.”

The president addressed the demonstrators, saying, “Apparently you’re interested in funding AIDS … We have increased aids funding,” and went on with his remarks.

The woman shouted again, and the president replied, “We listened to you, we heard your point . . . It’s a conversation I’m happy to have.” The woman stopped interrupting but the men held up their signs, printed out on letter-sized sheets of paper.

Later, on the other side of the room, a man shouted out, “Don’t ask don’t tell,” twice, interrupting the president a second time. The president also addressed him directly.

The crowd chanted “Obama, Obama” to drown out the speakers, and someone tried to snatch the signs, but the demonstrators were ultimately quieted after Obama spoke to them and their remarks directly.

“That’s why we need your energy and enthusiasm,” Obama said. “This young lady here, she wants an increase in AIDS funding … I”m sure we could do more, if we’re able to grow this economy again. That young man shouted, ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ . . . As president, I said we would reverse it … “

5 thoughts on “Obama Heckled by Gay Activists”

  1. Promises, promises.
    If that dodo, Reid, had counted votes before he added the DADT and the “Dream On” act to the military funding bill, the Dems wouldn’t have been embarassed by the big-put-down of the Repubs.
    Doncha just love America, where the p.o.ed, the exhausted and the disappointed can just tell the Dear Leader how they feel without fear of a firing squad?

  2. “Nothing worse than a dragqueen scorned.”

    For years liberal Democrats have counted on “the gay vote” and have heavily campaigned in SF, West Hollywood and Christopher Street in New York City for the massive gay block vote that comes almost automatically each year to the lib’s. It’s the same issues, year after year: DADT, AIDS funding, etc. [ Point of order here: Whatever you have heard or read about “HIV causing AIDS” is not true. HIV is not a “killer virus”; it is a surrogate marker in the human body, a ‘tripwire’ that tells you ‘somethings wrong.’ AIDS is caused by massive abuse of recreational drugs, recurring STDs (through sex) and from prophylaxis drugs. The combination of all three, which destroy the immune system causes AIDS … not HIV ].

    So, each year, on cue, whenever a hearing, event or fundraiser takes place, OUT come the former ACTUP protestors, dusting off their leather belts, protest signs and buttons, bullhorns and clackers. It does not matter IF you are actually doing something for the gay community or not, there is always a few loudmouths who disagree and will disrupt your event. If your a Christian, they will AUTOMATICALLY protest you because you are a “homophobe.”

    But, I agree with the protestors who disrupted Obama’s event earlier this year about DADT and called him “weak”, a “liar” and “you stole our vote.” After all, he agreed to kill DADT (didnt say how) and after he was elected, he could not have given a damn.

    I just watched this video. Oh my. Mr. Obama is so confused. TOTUS can’t help him, FLOTUS can’t help him, and srdem65 —> your right, its where those who are upset get their chance to stand up and protest without fear of a firing squad.

  3. Just received an email from a close friend who is a powerful (gay) Democrat submerged in the liberal machine in California who is, interestingly, an in-the-closet blue dog! He states that the lib’s in CA are fed up with “the fraud” and that “the Hillarista machine” is ready to “take control.” Sounds like a coup. If the left begins setting up a circular firing squad, those of us on the right need to pullback and let them go at it.

  4. Tom:
    When O made his promises about DADT, he didn’t know that the military machine is clogged with trickle-up, in triplicate, superior approved programs that are then in triplicate, trickled-down for implementation. In due time.
    The whole gay thing gives the brass the willies; gay to them is RuPaul wearing a feather boa and high heels carrying a machine gun.

    In all areas of life, what an adult does on their own time is their business.

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