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Obama Seeks to Rally His Troops

Organizing for America, Obama’s personal political army, is distributing this video tonight to get the troops ginned up for political activity the fall. In the piece, which looks like it was recorded yesterday in Philadelphia, Obama lists his accomplishments as a basis for telling activists that they need to get out there and make it happen for the midterms. And given that even liberals seem disenchanted with the president – unfairly, I’d add – he’s got no time to lose.

Doesn’t it make you want to vomit? No, I’m not talking about the remarks. I’m talking about the hokey zooming in and out by the cameraman to create an MTVish “real world” type of feel for the kids Obama is talking to.

9 Responses to Obama Seeks to Rally His Troops

  1. His people are nincompoops who think that making the POTUS, the leader of the free world make a pathetic plea to young people(?) to get out the vote for Democrats is a good idea. He sounds like every old geezer does when they’re trying to act uh, current, hip, cool, whatever. He’s 50years old, for pete’s sake, a middle-aged millionaire who has nothing in common with the focus group this is aimed at.
    The camera work is awful, the background is dull and the speech is flat.

    Why he would be working for the same tired old Dems is a mystery. After S Brown’s election win, he didn’t have enough Dems to do anything and they weren’t exactly on his side when they did have a majority. He’s better off with a Repub majority if he plans to run for re-election.

  2. Is this another “Rock the Vote” or MTV “Vote or Die” campaign? I hope so. The only thing young liberals care about is listening to Lady Gaga, scoring ecstasy and texting (in that order). This generation is by far, the most shallow to yet appear on the American scene since the 1960’s when Bill Clinton burned his first American flag while overseas on a Rhodes Scholarship. Good luck with that, dude.

  3. srdem65: You bring up a VERY tempting assertion, sir:

    * Is it possible that Obama could actually become MORE powerful under a Republican House and Senate? Both houses will pull O to the center (like Mr. Clinton), and in srdem’s words, “he’s better off under Rep majority.” [ When Clinton passed legislation (even conservative bills) the Clinton News Network (CNN) sold it as a “Clinton victory”. ]

    • Good points guys. I’m really not sure at all that the Republicans should want the Senate, at the very least. They’d have like a one vote majority and wouldn’t be able to get anything done, but would merely start sharing in the blame for it.

  4. Keith, thats IF Christine O’Donnell wins in Delaware. But I agree with you, even with blue-dog support in the Senate, not much will get passed; Reid will filibuster the first Republican bill that comes up for cloture. The best we can do is win the House, hobble the Senate and thereby turn Mr. Obama into a truncated, squirming (almost dinner on the table) lame duck.

  5. It is amazing how gaunt, hollowed, drawn (downright unhealthy) our POTUS looks in this video. It’s just a reminder to myself as to why I would never run for president! On a serious note, once again President Obama takes on a non-presidential tactic. This video reduces him to the equivalent of one of the “generation lost”. Also, can someone tell him that a true leader doesn’t use “I” unless he is taking blame for something to shield those behind him from blame. Every time he speaks it’s I want, My Cabinet, My whatever. Drives me crazy.

  6. “Guys”, “folks,” ugh–these just aren’t natural words coming out of his mouth…and when he drops “g’s” it makes my teeth grow hair–that dopey faux street stuff.