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Gibbs Gets Lady Gaga Questions

The White House press corps is all over Lady Gaga. Um, what I mean is, they’re asking questions about her in the White House briefing room. Lady Gaga. She of course recently became a leader in the movement to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy.

Just what the gay rights movement needs.

Here’s the FIRST exchange on the matter.

Q    Two questions on “don’t ask, don’t tell.”  First of all, we know that she’s been pushing out and extending her hand in conversation to senators, but has Lady Gaga reached out to this White House on “don’t ask, don’t tell”?  She’s a part of this now.

GIBBS:  I do not — she has not called me.  I don’t know the answer to that.  I have not heard — in all seriousness, I’ve not heard of — I’ve not heard that.

Q     Can you name one song that she’s written?

MR. GIBBS:  Yes, but I not dare going to do it on camera.

Lady Gaga prepares backstage to take questions from the press.
An excited Robert Gibbs begins doing the "Press Secretary Shuffle" while singing the Lady Gaga hit "Bad Romance."

The intrepid press corps was not finished. Because this is Lady Gaga we’re talking about here.

Q   Do you think that Lady Gaga actually did more to help pass this bill this week than the White House?

MR. GIBBS:  No, because we wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for the President, David.

Q    Robert, two questions.

MR. GIBBS:  Hold on —

Q    I’m sorry, I thought you were —

Q    — talking about Lady Gaga.

MR. GIBBS:  Have you ever heard me give an answer that short?

Q    No.

MR. GIBBS:  Well, there’s your answer.  No, David, we wouldn’t be doing — we wouldn’t be taking on these issues if it weren’t for the President.  This was — this is an issue that passed the House because of the President and this administration’s work and the work of many members in Congress.

Lady Gaga. Gaga.

5 thoughts on “Gibbs Gets Lady Gaga Questions”

  1. After hearing Lady GaGa’s speech, I have completely changed my mind on the DADT issue. If only she would advise us how to vote in the upcoming elections.

  2. I do not know why “our community” prostrates itself for over-the-top sex-addicted prigs like Lady Gaga or Madonna. The gay community has many right-wing facsists (like me) but you wouldn’t know it since it practices political apartheid; the only spoken word is “liberal”, the only bible is Paul Krugman’s, Conscience of a Liberal; our evangelist is Al Gore and his gospel of climate change. Nothing outside left-wing politics is tolerated. The words Republican, tea party, firearms = hatecrimes.

    But what about the Log Cabin Republicans? LCR is no more conservative than John McCain or Arlen Spector; they are ‘pink RINO’s’ whose only issue is DADT and gay marriage. They are composed of rich, white, “educated”, gay men who are as liberal as Obama … but join LCR to ‘network.’

    The reason Lady Gaga rose so quick in the gay community and now speaks out on issues like DADT (while being given a political platform) is because her music is played not only in our regular dance clubs (in all the major cities) but at the various drug-infested “circuit parties” (White Party in Miami / Black Party in Palm Springs) where Gaga remixes, mixed with “Special K” and ecstasy create a hallucinogenic experience that means millions of coin plus millions of gay followers. Whatever Gaga says, rules. Gay men will swallow all that (ahem) and more.

    Although I am for 86’ing DADT my *fear* is that many gay men in the military will use their new found freedom to run around the barracks in gay pride t-shirts while putting gay pride flags up in the barracks. This will cause a riot on Army bases (and for good reason). When I was in the Army, I kept my sexuality to myself, I submerged my personality, politics, thoughts, beliefs, etc, into that of the unit so that THE UNIT can function in combat. Thats professionalism. “Today’s Army” looks nothing like the Army I served in years ago. Back then, sexuality was not an issue and this was during the Cold War when we faced an immenent Soviet invasion at any moment. We had 5-6 gay men in our unit, but because the mission was sacred, none of us made an issue of who we were.

    Welcome to “Obama’s Army.” Don’t be suprised if the Commander-in-Chief removes the Army color within the color guard with the 6-color gay pride flag.

    1. Tom, thank you for this post. You are extraordinarily brave to, as a gay man, be out of the closet WITH YOUR CONSERVATISM. I know you must face a significant amount of vitriol from others in the gay community, who cannot even contemplate how anyone can arrive at your politics.

      While the motives of some are probably discriminatory, I think most who want to preserve DADT are concerned about unit cohesion. I can see you are wrestling with the issue too.

      Very interesting stuff on Lady Gaga.

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