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Obama Doesn’t Know the Price of an Apple

President Obama today tried to pay for four apples with one dollar. Now, if Bush did this, can you imagine the uproar??

According to this afternoon’s press pool report from Philadelphia, where Obama is traveling, the president made a surprise visit to the Reading Terminal Market, which contains numerous stalls selling all kinds of delicacies.

Obama shook hands with customers in front of the falafel stall and ordered a couple of cheese steak sandwiches with sweet peppers and mushrooms, just like any self-respecting Philly guy would do.

Then the fruit vendor called out, “President Obama how ’bout an apple? Something healthy too.” Obama grabbed four apples and gave the salesman a dollar.

Recognizing the error, Obama personal aide Reggie Love quickly stepped in with some more money for the fruit seller, who had just been ripped off by the leader of the free world.

On the way out, Obama went straight back to his unhealthy ways and ordered a small mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

So much for Michelle Obama’s healthy eating campaign. Kids, do as I say, not as I do!

30 thoughts on “Obama Doesn’t Know the Price of an Apple”

  1. It is hard for me to believe that anyone still supports Obama.
    He needs to man up and stop blaming Bush for everything.
    The Dems were in charge the last two years Bush was president and the Dems are still in charge and look at the trillon dollar mess we are in.
    If the Reps put the car in the ditch, the Dems drove it off the cliff. It is time to take the keyes back.

    Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

  2. President Obama today tried to pay for four apples with one dollar. Now, if Bush did this, can you imagine the uproar??

    It would have been on the news 24/7 and we would hear about it for weeks to come.

  3. Why does anyone make a big deal when politicians don’t know the price of groceries? They haven’t “shopped’ for themselves in years.

    I grocery shop at LEAST twice a week, and I seriously could not tell you, right now, how much a single, or even a pound, of apples should cost.

    I go to the store, I check the price and decide yes or no – why is this a big deal at ALL that he doesn’t have the prices in his head? Same goes for when others do it – it’s not an “Obama” thing.

  4. Mr. Obama is so out of touch with America that he:

    (a.) does not know the price of produce in America;
    (b.) is too damn stingy to pay the right amount (per pool report);
    (c.) does not remember FLOTUS high-peirced wines about “bad food”, and
    (d.) asked for “arugala” on his cheesesteak but was turned down

    Keith — your right, had Bush II made this mistake, the MSM would have EVISCERATED him in the press. The boy-president gets a break because he’s “one of us.” Mr. Obama is, by far, a *complete disaster* as POTUS. I want to thank all the liberals out there who voted for this prig . . . and to the Rep’s who “stayed home” and moped. Thanks people.

    We’ve got two more years with Mr. Obama . . . an anti-business, anti-Christian, anti-Israel (therefore anti-Semitic), pro-Arab, pro-Marxist at the helm, who may, indeed, rip the very fabric of this nation in two and send us into a deep depression.

    Sigh. I’m in need of a bowel movement . . .

  5. He looks and acts like a man who’s been forced to eat “steamed squash with a side of boiled arugula” for dinner. Eat, O, eat.
    He not only doesn’t know the price of an apple, guaranteed he has no idea of the amount we pay for electricity in our homes or how much fuel those fancy limos that he’s so fond of actually use. He probably thinks those folks collecting unemployment insurance are getting the same amount of money as they earned while working. He’s probably not aware that a person cannot collect unemployment benefits if they were self-employed, or held a job that didn’t require the employer to pay into the State fund for unemployment benefits.
    He doesn’t understand the basics of economics but persists in his belief that only those who make “enough money” will bring our nation back into the black if we let them borrow money or tax them at a higher rate or use some other voodoo gobbledegook economic policy. He is clueless and should let the experts lead the way.

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  8. Why would Obama ask the price? What for? It will be given to him gratis anyway. This man has never had to want . . . for anything.

    Since high school and college, all he has done is receive gratification, whether it was from women, recreational drugs or racial politics in which he rose staggeringly to lead the Harvard Law Review. He then chose to become a “community organizer” and race-baitor (Marxist agitator) in the finest traditions of Saul Alinsky and Vladamir Lenin. He then screwed his political mentor by running in her district and since then, its been a SHOE-IN for Mr. Obama.

    One fact is clear: he has never had to “want.”

    I am not suprised he did not know the price of apples, or anything else. Everything has been handed to him on a platter.

    Its good to be King.

  9. What I find so encouraging about this is that the reader comments are almost unanimous in condemnation of him. Just a reminder though: the republican AND democratic parties will offer nothing better. Are you ready to accept someone from outside the system?

  10. I seem to recall the endless mockery of everyone on the Left over Bush 41 havign never seen a scanner at a store check-out, back in 1992.

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  12. But, um… what is the price of an apple? Nobody on this entire page has said what it is. I actually came here from a google search, trying to look up the price of apples, ironically. I don’t know. I mean, I’m low-income, do my own shopping, walk through the produce department about twice a week, and I still don’t know. I have a vague recollection that the reason I don’t buy apples is that they cost too much, but when I went to fact-check myself, I am coming to realize that nobody else knows either.

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