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Obama Morning News || September 20, 2010

Republicans to Nibble Away at Obamacare . . . POLITICO
Obama, Dems Weigh GOP “Extremist” Strategy . . . New York Times
Jarrett, Appointee Share Biz Interest . . . Washington Times
Real Issues Distract Political Obama . . . New York Times
Obama Adopts a Personal Tone . . . Los Angeles Times
Graham: White House Talks “Went Dead” . . . POLITICO
Obama Soft-Pedals UN Reform . . . Washington Times
Powell Criticizes Obama . . . POLITICO
Obama Amps Up Sudan Role . . . Christian Science Monitor
Clinton: Obama Getting “Groove” Back . . . POLITICO

One Response to Obama Morning News || September 20, 2010

  1. NYT: “Obama / Dem’s weigh “GOP Extremist strategy.” The Dem’s have MILLIONS to use in attack ads — they were smart — they laagered the cash over the past year and will spend it on attacking conservatives as extreme, out of touch, racist-homophobic-bigots.

    The Rep’s need to take a lesson from Glenn Beck: PUT TOGETHER 5-10 MIN INFOMERCIALS on the free market, Islamofascism, the Ground Zero Mosque and then place that up against the Obamanomics, his pro-Arab foreing policy and allow the American people to decide. I hope the Rep’s dont use whats left in the war chest for more “summits.” It is time to attack as November looms closer and that means HITTING BACK HARD.