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Malkin: How Rove Helped Set the Table for Obama

Interesting post here by Michelle Malkin slamming and sending up Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson’s defense of his political daddy, Karl Rove, who of course is in hot water with the tea party for opposing Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Senate GOP primary. Rove, Gerson instructs, is an “adult,” while people like the Tea Partiers and Malkin, whom he names, are children.

Malkin puts together a list of Bush and Rove’s conservative apostasies, many presumably inspired by political needs identified by Gerson’s daddy. From her post:

Oh, yes, Mr. Gerson. Yes, please school us more about Rove’s storied accomplishments. We will sit quietly with our hands folded at our desks while you regale us with tales of Master Rove’s “actual” post-election “achievements.”

You know, like the disastrous Medicare prescription drug entitlement expansion that created an unfunded liability of $9.4 trillion over the next 75 years, No Child Left Behind federal education expansion, steel tariffs, ag subsidies, the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law and the Bush-Kennedy-McCain illegal alien amnesty attempt.

I would add to this list the “ownership society” that was Bush’s own contribution to Democratic efforts to put people in houses they couldn’t afford and bring about the Great Recession.

In a priceless phrase, she accuses Bush of “pre-socializing the economy for Barack Obama.”

Rove and Gerson were big boosters of the childish term “Compassionate Conservatism,” an attempt to provide Bush with his own sort of Clintonish “Third Way,” “New Democrat” philosophy.

It really caught on  – for example, the huge and expanding House Compassionate Conservative Caucus that you find today in Congress.

Yes, that’s a joke.

The term had to come as a shock to at least some conservatives who thought their philosophy was already compassionate and perhaps weren’t keenly aware until Rove, Gerson and Bush told them that moderate  Republicans also thought they were a bunch of jerks, which is what’s implied by the phrase.

But conservatives took the insult it because Master Rove wanted it and they wanted power. And they got it – along with the pre-socializing of the economy.

8 thoughts on “Malkin: How Rove Helped Set the Table for Obama”

  1. Excellent article, Keith (via Malkin/Gerson).

    I think Michael Savage had it down pat when he stated on his radio show last year: “Bush was our first Socialist President.” Bush outspent Clinton and of course there was McCain-Feingold (over turned) the Kennedy Amnesty Bill (stalled) and the rest of the *insane* liberal programs he pushed. Rover now hits the lecture circuit to sell the Bush legacy but Americans aren’t buying the propaganda. George Bush was a rich, elite, liberal-Socialist, unlike his father, for whom I have respect, who played golf while our soldiers were dying in Iraq and Afghanistan until Rover told him “it was not good politics.”

    Unfortunately these two buffoons are from my home state. Our apologies.

  2. Since I did not vote Dem last time, I now “have” to listen to a lot of Karl…and this time he is coming off as whiny, spiteful, and oh so wronged. Malkin is a smartie and always comes armed with FACTS. how weird is that?. Now Karl and the old school, male, grumblers are saying O’Donnell started a whispering campaign against that crabby-faced Castle…well, if she did (they presented no evidence) mayhe that is something she learned from Rove. Does his campaign against McCain ring a bell? Yeah, these people are the adults, all right. I really love how O’Donnell is a witch now…a witch! Maybe they just wanted a Halloween theme, I don’t know. And Gerson? Who dat?

  3. We don’t care what Mr Rove thinks, he is part of the problem. The Tea Party is not anti-Democrat it is anti-big spending, anti-intrusive government.
    We want ALL of them out of office if they won’t listen to what the voters want.

    The President has been at the podium too many times; we don’t care what he says. The WH, the Dems, the Unions, the Repubs can buy a jillion dollars worth of advertising, demonize their opponents to h*ll and it won’t make any difference. We have already made up our minds, we’re taking the keys away from all of them.

  4. The fight that is now beginning in the Republican party is a good one: It is liberal-Socialist RINO’s vs true conservatives. And its a fight that is long in coming. The cocktail-country-club-Republicans have screwed this country since Reagan’s election; there were GOOD Rep’s that came in, but the overwhelming majority were part of the”educated elite.”

    Remember when Bush chose Spector over Toomey? We know now that Spector was not only NOT a Republican, nor a RINO, but a power freak.

    It’s time we clean house and toss out the “educated elite” and fill them with down-home, in-the-trenches politicians who will fight for conservative values.

    1. I just keep thinking Tom about how nuts and stupid everyone said Reagan was at the time, and now they’re now about ready to add him to Mt. Rushmore.

  5. Why I still watch 60 mins, I don’t know…but the Jimmy Carter thing
    was interesting…these guys go in and out of season. Will we have a
    season where this one looks good–it would have to get pretty bad…maybe with Bill Maher as president or something.

  6. Keith, your right.

    The Reagan Revolution won the Cold War and rejuvenated capitalism. For the faults of the Reagan Administration (and there were many) those two items stick out as the end-product of the two-term administration.

    Queen Noor’s recent book LEAP OF FAITH: An Unexpected Life brings to light how clumsy the Reagan Administration was in dealing with King Hussein (certainly an Arab moderate if there ever was one), the PLO, and the administration’s severe lack of understanding of the Middle East. James Baker’s love affair with the Saudi’s is detailed as well . . .

    1. That’s interesting Tom. Hadn’t thought about the Queen Noor book. She always seemed pretty bright – will take a look. And to your point, it’s one thing we’ve been able to count on with the Bushes and their Baker – hand holding with the Saudis, even literally.

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