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Documentary to Rip Obama

Obama will get his very own “Fahrenheit 9/11” treatment when a scathing documentary about his stewardship of the nation is released Oct. 15, just in time to help drive anti-Obama voters to the polls. The movie, “I Want Your Money,” combines humorous animation segments with serious commentary from conservative analysts to get the president firmly into voters’ doghouses.

Below is a trailer. Looks like it might be pretty well made. Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” was a brilliantly staged attack on Obama’s predecessor, released in June 2004 and clearly designed to help the Democratic presidential nominee, who turned out to be Sen. John Kerry. Hard to tell what effect the new documentary will have.

2 thoughts on “Documentary to Rip Obama”

  1. I spend a lot of time on You Tube and the most creative videos come from the right. Some of the best come from FleetwoodFactor and the now defunct Nose on Your Face. Just put those name into You Tube’s search for a treat.

    I grew up in Marblehead, MA and my sister still lives there. She told her friend that she was visiting me and that I was a Republican. Her friend was astounded and replied, “What is she stupid?”

    These videos and brilliant commentary belie that myth. We all know who is really stupid…just kidding sort of.

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