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The Obamas Attend a Black Caucus Function

Uhhhhh boy. This is a picture of President Obama and Mrs. Obama attending a Congressional Black Caucus event tonight. I’m sure my readers will sense a possible wardrobe malfunction, but this is really not my area of expertise, since I have many of those myself.

The question on the mind of the press pooler tonight was: Has Mrs. Obama cut her hair??

When POTUS and the first lady arrived, they received a long ovation. Michelle Obama was wearing a flowing, deep red gown and appears (on the big screen as the pool is very far from the stage) to have a new short haircut, though it’s possible that it’s just styled in a way that makes it look short.

Is it the short and sassy look for Michelle? It’s possible she was getting it cut just before coming out. From the pool report:

Slightly odd communications glitch at the start as Reps. Barbara Lee and Donald Payne were introducing POTUS. Just as Payne was saying how proud he was to welcome POTUS to the stage, he must have gotten some sort of signal that POTUS wasn’t ready.  The band then played some background music for a few minutes, then a slideshow of key political and corporate leaders went up (biggest applause was for Donna Brazile), and several actors filled in briefly with a discussion of the plotline of The Young and The Restless soap opera. About 10 minutes passed.

Oh yeah, there was a speech. It had something to do with “Republicans suck.” But the CBC knew that already.

8 Responses to The Obamas Attend a Black Caucus Function

  1. Yes, she had her wighat trimmed. It looked fabulous as did her dress. She looked overly-dressed for an event that usually calls for a cocktail dress like she wore last year.

    Was this the image she wanted to give after Michelle Antoinette? Did she really need a another new designer dress? I made a video on all her outfits worn in 2010. It’s accurate and devasting, but the MSM will ignore MO’s extravagance. Who pays for these designer duds some from haute couture?

    Michelle Obama Wears a New Outfit Every Day of the Week…almost

  2. The eternal “victims” meet to wallow in their shared memories of ancestors who were enslaved and then freed. Their organization, racist in name and mission, hopes to overcome the racism they see in every rejection, criticism and complaint made to and about a person of color, while overlooking the rejection, criticism and complaint made to and about a White person.
    The President of all of us used the podium last night to demean, criticize, and demonize the ‘others’ in his standard political speech instead of using the opportunity to emphasize the importance of all Americans to stand together, to use every resource to pull our country back from finacial disaster. Oh, well.

    Mrs O looked nice. Mr O looked skinny and puny.

    • Good point, sedem65. Isn’t an appearance before a black group just the place to preach togetherness? But of course Dems desperately need to get the black vote out.

  3. Where’s the hammer and sickle lapel pin? For heaven’s sakes whats a good Marxist to do? The speech was ho-hum; the usual claptrap, billious cant this President has spewed since taking office. FLOTUS “new look” is sheik-lesbian.

  4. I know this is off-topic, but I wish Joan Rivers new weekly Fashion Police would take her on. Joan makes me guffaw out loud–honestly. Someone this week had a shiny black plastic dress on and Joan said it looks like a Hefty bag–adding, “Honey, if you’re going to Home Depot, could you bring me back a roll of dresses?”