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Warren Will be Running the Place for a While

Despite not having to go through a Senate confirmation, newly appointed White House consumer Czarina Elizabeth will be in charge of a newly created consumer watchdog agency, according to a CLEAR READING BETWEEN THE LINES of White House statements today.

Geithner, Obama and Elizabeth Warren
Geithner, Obama and Elizabeth Warren today in the Rose Garden

Warren is the latest in a line of Obama appointments to avoid Senate and public scrutiny, following the “recess” appointment this summer of Medicare administrator Donald Berwick.

The White House blames Republicans for stalling the Confirmation process into disfunctionality, but the blog is not aware that the framers made the Senate advice and consent role contingent on parliamentary rules that the president likes.

There’s some evidence that the constitutional-scholar-in-chief is feeling a little guilty, or at least that he’s worried about some political blowback.

Obama and Geithner
Obama begins singing a lullaby to sooth Geithner, who may view Warren as a pain in his ass.

President Obama and his aides sought to portray Warren as merely “standing up the agency.” But Obama suggested she will take a policy making role as well, and with no one else clearly running the place, the administrative tasks are sure to fall to her.

“She will help oversee all aspects of the bureau’s creation, from staff recruitment to designing policy initiatives to future decisions about the agency,” Obama said. “She will have direct access to me and to Secretary Geithner, and she will oversee a staff at the Treasury Department that has already begun to work on this task.”

Gene Sperling, Valerie Jarrett
White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett (right), who pushed for Warren, watches from the collonade.

Geithner is said to have been cool to her appointment in the first place, and analysts expect her to have significant autonomy from him, with her fiefdom extending all the way from the West Wing deep into the bowels of Geithner’s Treasury.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today kept trying to portray her as responsible for organizing the place. But he noted that the agency will begin to wield its affect soon and that a Senate-confirmed administrator is unlikely to be in place for nearly year.

That means that Warren will be the de facto administrator. If the Republicans take the Senate, she could be in charge for a long time.


8 Responses to Warren Will be Running the Place for a While

  1. Oh, here we go. I am sure she has so much experience with credit card intgerest caps and not being able to pay bills…etc. She looks like Anita Dunn–the hair–has anyone seen them together?

  2. While I have many (secret) powers, I can’t understand the frowns on the group watching the President by-pass the Constitutional system and rules set in place by wise men, long ago. Perhaps they sense this could be a another momentus moment that might need to be defended in the future.

    O presses the spin button and the Press turns, round and round again. The MSM, while ignoring the breach of the constitution, proclaims Ms Warren’s appointment as the “saving the middle class” who are deemed to be too ignorant to read the “fine print” or too stupid to understand a contract they are about to sign.

  3. With household wealth dropping, I think a lot of people filled in with buying on credit (have to have TIRES, good god, the blue screen of death…etc). It wasn’t all big screens. I even paid my individual health ins on a card a few times. But now…no… Do I think this Ivory Tower gal (I admittedly know nothing about her nor do I care) will set interest caps? Nah. Why not roll all interest back to 10%. One time…would help, though the cards would have some trick immediately to counter it (Yeah, well, I raise YOU a minimum payment of triple what is was)…pretty smart lawyers at those banks. Mano a womano with Warren? Not expecting much.

  4. Remember that Elizabeth Warren is an old-school Marxist in the vein of Michael Moore, Rep. Maurice Hinchey, Dick Durban, Maxine Waters, John Kerry, and about 50 other liberal-Marxist Democrats who Obama owes from the election. Warren’s fascade, as put out by the MSM and Huffington Post is designated “consumer protection.”

    Thats a bloody sham. She’s an anti-capitalist crusader.

    Warren’s sole objective will be to shut down big business using “Consumer Protection” and an army of Justice Department lawyers with police powers to do so. She is a *major threat* to free enterprise, the constitution and the Commerce clause (now weilded with such venom by the Supreme Court, its laughable).

    Keith, I am glad you covered this. Free enterprise is the result of voters VOTING with their *dollars*. Entrepreneurs that provide a faulty product or poor customer service simply go out of business. Tear away the advertising and hype and one discovers that the free market is Darwinian. We need no governmental oversight to “protect” us.

    ITEM: A free market IS consumer protection.