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Obama Schedule || September 18, 2010

8:40 pm || With Mrs. Obama, attends the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Inc.’s Annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner

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9 Responses to Obama Schedule || September 18, 2010

  1. Sheesh.

    Breaking bread with some of the most pro-Marxist, anti-Semitic elements in the Democratic Party: the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)! Mr. Obama should exchange his flag lapel pin for a hammer and sickle one. Humberto Fontova’s article on the CBC and its love of Marxist killers is well known and documented:

    And now Mr. Obama will fist bump fellow CBC members! Why not take AIRFORCE ONE to Havana with Michelle and the girls? Saddle up close to Uncle Fidel and smoke one of those titanic sized Cuban cigars! Michelle could wear a two-peice thong on those beautiful beaches [ granted, you can’t leave the designated “tourist travel area” but who needs to see the rest of Havana? ]

    As for a CBC Award, whose the recipient? Van “Stormfront” Jones? Hanoi Jane? Comrade John Kerry? Maxine “Marxist” Waters”? Ron “Red” Dellums? Obama? Heavens sakes . . . he’s no Communist!

  2. Tom, I was right there with you until you mentioned the “two-pieced thong” and then my eyes went dim. I couldn’t read the rest of your thoughts.
    After a nice rest with a cold cloth over my eyes and a six-pack, I’ll come back and finish reading. I’m not as strong as I used to be, you know.

  3. With Michelle’s lack of class I could actually see her on a beach in Cuba, starkers, or wearing something trashy at an MTV “Rock the Vote” concert with P. Diddy, Beyonce and Lady GaGa. She could have the words “Love child” tattooed across her tummy while “booty slammin” with Chris Rock.

  4. Just watched Obama’s speech to the Hispanic Caucus: he deliberately left out the word “Creator” toward the end of his speech after he *scowled* at TOTUS. I have no problem with an unbeleiver/agnostic/atheist as President, but when he or she recites our founding document, they had BETTER recite what is written. What a putz.