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Obama to End Run Senate with Warren Pick

President Obama plans to avoid a Senate battle over controversial liberal activist Elizabeth Warren by allowing her to oversee the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from the White House. An announcement could come today or tomorrow, according to reports.

The move is the second such abuse of the Constitution by the White House in just weeks. Having gotten away with a appointing the equally controversial Donald Berwick to oversee Medicare while Congress was in recess, Obama has again dispensed with the Senate’s right to provide its “consent” to appointees by making Warren a White House aide, a post which does not require confirmation.

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren

From there, she will unofficially oversee the agency while a figurehead is eventually put in place to nominally run it. With Warren’s appointment, Obama adds to his extraordinary roster of “czars” who wield power from the Executive Mansion without having to be confirmed or even ever testify before Congress after being put in place.

If the White House wants to be especially crass, it could also nominate her at some point and have her effectively running the agency while awaiting confirmation.

Obama apparently thinks his agenda is too important to be bothered with the quaint conventions of Constitutional democracy. “The stakes are too high to delay the standing up of this agency,” said an official who gave the story to the Times.

Like Berwick, who has deep affection for the British nationalized health care system, among other contentious opinions, Warren would have faced determined opposition from Republicans and a rancorous nomination fight that would have put Obama policies in a harsh spotlight.

Cuba map
Another place where confirmation of presidential appointees is unnecessary.

But the “openness” administration has apparently decided to get her in place without having to incur a thorough, public examination of her views that would have been conducted by the Senate and journalists covering the hearings. She will avoid having herself to give a public accounting, and the stories about her will quickly die away after this week.

How much have you seen written lately about Berwick?

Warren is feared by the business community as overly ardent in her defense of consumers. She was heavily promoted within the White House by senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett – whom she’ll now be hanging out with at the water cooler – and has clashed with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and her appointment may be a bad omen for his future.

But failure to appoint Warren would have ignited Obama’s allies on the left, who have been aggressively pressing the White House to put her in place.

10 thoughts on “Obama to End Run Senate with Warren Pick”

  1. I don’t know anything about Ms Warren or even the agency that O wants her to head. If O wants to bypass a confirmation to appoint her then it must be that either her background or ideology is troublesome and she might not be appoved. His appointment of “czars” and bypassing Congressional approval for his other department heads is troubling on many issues.
    The Dem controlled Congress is afraid, if they even care about these abuses, afraid of the pro-Obama Press, of being called Racist, afraid of losing what must be the most wonderful jobs in the world. It takes men and women of character to speak out or take action and that notable trait is missing from our elected officals.
    Those of the loyal opposition are ridiculed or destroyed by the ObamaPress; Palin is “stupid”, Beck is a “fearmonger”, Rush is a “wacko”, tea party supporters are everything “bad” according to the MSM, and only the MSM.
    We won’t know what would happen if the WSJ, for instance, would decry Ms Warren’s backdoor appointment as un-constitutional and demand action from Congress for this abuse of power. We won’t know what would happen if the Arizona Republic (AZ’s major newspaper) would express some outrage that the O’s DOJ is attacking AZ in the Federal Courts , O’s State Department has named AZ as an abuser of civil rights to the United Nations and demand action, at least, from our Federal elected officials.
    The only outrage expressed is from the people, from the grass root organizations coming together to ‘save’ the America that follows the Constitution. We quit buying their newspapers, their timely magazines, quit watching their TV news and have turned to each other or the media outlets that express opinions that we endorse.
    We’ll un-elect everyone we can and replace them with, well, just about anyone who promises to defund the Obamacare fiasco, will direct the institutions that received our money to pay it back to us, will insist that the CEO of GM get paid no more than 25% over the highest paid factory worker until they PAY US BACK, dismantle FANNIE and FREDDIE, cut the Federal gov’t payroll and for once, just listen to us.

  2. You are an opportunist.
    This is not an abuse of power, this is a necessary and perfectly legal means of countering an obstuctionist Republican Party.
    The fact that you have an ad for Bachamann on your site says it all.

    You must drool over the money Fox News is making….

    1. Jim,
      The ads are chosen automatically by Google, not by me. I hope and assume you were flinging around ad hominen attacks at those who supported Democrats “obstructing” Bush appointees, his Social Security reform plans, sinking judge Bork, and so forth. What some people call “obstructionist” has also been known for a couple of hundred years as “checks and balances.”
      Hope your day gets better.

  3. Mr. Gustafson:

    Dawg! Slammin here from Brack’s hometown, duuuuude.

    You will find news here you will not find on the various claptrap, liberal-Marxist, anti-Semitic Pravda showtrials those of you on the left call “mainstream media.” It’s also the reason the new media (like this site) and Fox News continue to pull triple the viewship than Olbermann, Maddow, Cooper, Rose, or the prig’s on ABC-CBS-NBC . . . combined. Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck alone top the ratings and there is nothing liberal-Marxists can do, except to call people “opportunist.” It sucks to be liberal.

    The new media is IT, my chi-dawg! Ya’ feel me homey?

    Remember Jim . . . when your Dem’s go down in November . . . it was accomplished by those on this site, Michelle Bachman, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and the millions of people “who still cling to guns and religion.”

    Power to da’ people homeboy.

  4. oh boy! another unhappy O supporter who blames the minority Repubs for what the majority Dems won’t do. It’s not even a question of politics; it’s all about the math, Jim.
    Take your complaint to your favorite elected Dem.

  5. Y’know…this just smacks of Orwellian Truthspeak. I realize that comparison has been taken around the block many times about this…administration…but it still most aptly fits.
    Most Ethical
    Speaking Truth to Power
    These words have come to mean the exact opposite of their English defninitions with these…people.
    I’ll say it: these guys are telling the Big Lies as persistently as Hitler and Goebbels.

  6. Jim,
    I feel your pain – your indignation. The Fascists are attacking your Leader whom you adore.
    I too was a starry-eyed Communist; a Fellow Traveler and True Believer
    …when I was 19!
    I’ll be 45 in a month.
    You need to grow up, Jimmy

  7. Mr. Obama left “truth” behind when he beleived the filth that was fed to him by his first Marxist professor at Harvard. Remember, this was the 70’s when long hair, protests, hippies and the Vietnam War was drawing to a painful close [ post script: What Janes Fonda and John Kerry will not tell you about the Vietnam War. In 1975, after Saigon fell to the Communists, 3,500,000 South Vietnamese were exterminated by the Communists from 1975-1988. The left: *silent* ].

    Truth is what Obama says it is. Truth is what the Democratic Party leaders say it is. Truth is whatever is displayed nightly on the MSM outlets.

    Brett / srdem65: great points here.

    Mr. Gibbs / Olbermann, et. al, reflect the same propaganda-style delivery as Goebbels did during the time of the Nazi Party. If it were not for our Constitution and the new media shedding light on the lies and distoritions of Truth . . . all of us would probably be in a camp by now.

  8. Yeah, yeah, Jim, we’re stupid, we watch Fox, blah blah. Why I am even bothering to answer this, I don’t know. I listen to Fox, NPR, subscribe to the WSJ, read the Times, LA Times, etc etc. I was a columnist for the AZ Republic (and I agree with SrDem that AZ is being treated like crap) I was a Dem all my life until this president floated out of the ethers–and I could not for the life of me find out where he came from and who was behind him. Some of us also went to collitch–even big schools like the president–and still aren’t buying in. As for the ads–google does put them on. I have the weirdest ones on my Recession Fun site–sometimes I will completely insult a product–and google will see that and put an ad for it on there.

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