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Obama Pretends He Has a Trade Policy

Talk about leaving out a few unpleasant details.

Speaking today to something called “The President’s Export Council,” Obama noted,

Obviously, working off a low baseline, given the crisis last year, exports are expected to be up, but we’re very pleased to see that they’re up 18 percent, to where they were a year ago. And manufacturing exports are up 20 percent. And that’s helping put a lot of our people back to work.

Yes, the worst economic crisis in 80 years is indeed a “low baseline.” And, oops, no mention of the immense trade deficit the U.S. is running. From March to June, the deficit widened by 12.9 percent over the first quarter of the year to $123.3 billion, growing for the fourth quarter in a row.

Let’s look at the Obama trade policy achievements Obama boasted about today.

That’s why six months ago we launched the National Export Initiative, the first-ever government-wide export promotion strategy with focused attention at the presidential and Cabinet level.

America is going to bat as a stronger partner and a better advocate for our businesses abroad. We’re increasing trade missions. We’re removing barriers to help businesses gain a foothold in new markets. We’re increasing export financing for small- and medium-size businesses.

We hope to move forward on new trade agreements with some of our key partners in a way that doesn’t just advance the interests of our businesses, workers and farmers, but also upholds our most cherished values.

Now let’s look at our stat board.

Free trade agreements negotiated by Obama: 0

FTA’s passed by Congress under Obama: 0

Unfortunately, Obama actually has no discernible trade policy.

5 Responses to Obama Pretends He Has a Trade Policy

  1. Great article Keith.

    It dawned on me while reading this . . . Mr. Obama has done *nothing* to promote *free trade* – true free trade – not negotiated tit-for-tat agreements on imports where the American businessman is left out to dry (thanks Bill Clinton/George Bush).

    This article pretty much explains: Mr. Obama has done nothing in two years . . . except work on his golf handicap.

  2. He forgot to mention that one of America’s biggest exports is JOBS.

    The whole of this announcement is textbook politico-speak; lots of big words, percentages of unknown base figures touted, vague strategy concentrated at the WH and an awkward self-pat on the O’s back.
    His acute lack of exactly how a business succeeds is apparent when he seems to think that all they have to do is ship goods overseas and the business will make money. If someone asked O how the goods got “overseas’ he would be blank; the advance negotiations, the planning, the production, the trucking, the shipping, the offloading in a foreign land and the distribution of the goods by the foreign shippers and off to the wholesale buyers and then to the retail buyers are actions he knows nothing about.
    Yet, he stands before us and brags about “we” making economic gains.

  3. @srdem65: POTUS “is blank” (as you say) especially without TOTUS. The President is hindered in two areas: First, he sticks to a monotone script that is Orwellian in nature when his using TOTUS and of course, the script is divorced from reality; Second, if POTUS choose to talk off script he creates such a monumental faux pas with his comments that the liberal MSM cringe . . . He is, after all, speaking only to them.