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What, No Briefing Today, Again?

The openness administration seems to be reluctant to talk this week.

Generally, the press secretary briefs when the president is in town. That’s exactly where he was Monday, but for some reason, no briefing by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Obama sends a message to Gibbs via ESP . . .

Today, he’s around again, at least until tonight, when he heads out to campaign for the Senate candidacy of Vietnam war hero Richard Blumenthal. But today, no briefing again

Now, some of you question the value of the Bob Gibbs Show, noting that, well, he doesn’t seem to say a lot that is substantive and the questions by us in the media are not quite as probing as they might be.

But I submit to you, IT’S BETTER THAN NOTHING.

The first move toward shutting down briefings was made by Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino who – though she otherwise handled her job quite well and with great consideration toward the press – should never have abolished the morning “gaggle.”

Gibbs receives Obama's thoughts and prepares to answer a reporter

The gaggle was an informal, off-camera but on-the-record chat that added to our knowledge of what was going on. Formerly held in the press secretary’s office, it had been since the crush of coverage after 9/11 been staged in the briefing room, but with the camera lights off.

But with coverage of Bush waning toward the end, Perino decided she’s had enough of it.

Are we moving from two briefings a day to zero? Will the briefing somehow be truncated? The press must go into full whining and screaming mode if something like this happens.

We didn’t when Perino nixed the gaggle, and we should have.

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10 Responses to What, No Briefing Today, Again?

  1. “The most open Presidency since FDR.”

    “We will drain the swamp.”

    Give me a break.

    Obama is a Banana Republic-style President and Gibbs Southern aw-shucks routine wore off months ago. Even the liberals see through the Idi Amin-style dog and pony show. Ahem, my apologies to Idi Amin . . .

  2. How curious. No rah!rah! we got the 30billion bank/small business stimulus passed. The Prez and the backup clown, Biden, both called Mr Castle, reason unknown..maybe a pity party or a new plan for the lame duck session. Mrs O is probably having an international snit over the book by that French/Italian woman. The Tea Party is for real (per NYT) and things do not look good for 2012. The poverty rate is pushing up to 20% of our population, and mortgage foreclosures are up 25% last month as compared to last year. The Prez signed over (through the USDA) the billions for farmers that he promised Ms Lincoln if she would only agree to vote ‘yes’ on the Obamacare. Chris (the Tingle) Matthews (MSNBC) can hear the ‘fat lady’ singing in the background.
    Lots of questions, no one to ask. curious.

  3. RE: “Chris (The Tingle) Matthews.” Good one srdem! Matthews is a louse. When he cuts people off, I simply want to smack him.

    RE: The Carla Bruni revelation. FLOTUS is a disaster. She dresses like a pimpette, paints in a $225 shirt, tells us what to eat (while munching down on lobster with the Spanish royals) and now says she hates the job as FLOTUS. Too bad honey. In honor of FLOTUS, I went to McDonalds yesterday and *stuffed myself* with a No.3 (supersized) with a Coke. I later dedicated the uncomfortable bowel movement to the President and First Lady.

  4. No briefing for the little guys by Gibbs, he had big fish to fry.
    He met with Forbes Magazine’s DC bureau chief to discuss the article about O and the interview with ol’ Newt. No doubt the chat was amiable and discussed the finer points of the largely negative article. Mr Forbes was not available to join the friendly confab but I’m sure he sent his regrets and best wishes to the WH.
    The Prez met with Hispanic leaders who seem to only care about their Hispanic base voters and promised them that he(?) would introduce the bill that would make the children of illegal aliens happy and productive. Some flunkie will introduce this bill to the Congress where the ink will fade before anyone dares mention ‘dream act’.
    More WH parties on the horizon and a trip to India in the works. India, where the ruling party discussed things like “do poor people have a “right” to eat”. And, where the tech who tried to help me fix my DirectTV lives and works.

    • I’ll bet Gibbs’ need to bully the Forbes editor was why the briefing was canceled. I’d like to know just exactly what the inaccuracies were in an opinion piece.