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Obama Schedule || September 17, 2010

1:30 pm || Makes an announcement to the press; Rose Garden

All times Eastern
Gibbs briefs at 2:15 pm

I assume the “announcement” is the appointment of Elizabeth Warren to be Consumer Czar. I should be able to live stream both the announcement and the Gibbs briefing

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2 Responses to Obama Schedule || September 17, 2010

  1. Interestingly . . . the Republicans have said nothing (I have not seen anything) on t.v., internet or from talk radio, except for Michael Savage, about this Warren appointment. Once more, the rich, old, fumbling, bumbling, unable-to-go-the-restroom-without-assistance Republican Senators just cannot seem to find a microphone when they need to. They stand up on the floor and make pathetic speeches . . . but won’t take the microphone to advocate on our behalf.

    I think Savage is really the only talker who speaks from the gut; I like Limbaugh a lot, but Rush is a Country Club Republican (like Hannity) who spends so much time rubbing shoulders with the elite, he can’t light his cigar. Savage is a crusty, mean, cursing, hard-drinking New Yorker who has a chip on his shoulder . . . but his depth of honesty shows through when he rants and raves on the air: I like that.

    Savage raged about Warren calling her a Communist and Marxist (not far off) whose buddy-buddy with Michael Moore (true) and the left-wing Marxist establishment. Now Obama is giving her a job in the WH. This must be the 12th Marxist he’s hired (13, if you count him).