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Obama Schedule || September 16, 2010

9:45 am || Remarks at President’s Export Council Meeting
12:15 pm || Lunch with Biden
12:45 pm || Participates in ambassador credentialing ceremony
2:30 pm || Meets with three leading Hispanic lawmakers, Sen. Menendez and Reps. Velazquez and Gutierrez
3:25 pm || Makes announcement on education
5:15 pm || Arrives New York City
6:15 pm || Makes remarks at fundraiser for Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal, candidate for Senate; Stamford, Conn.
7:45 pm || Attends DNC fundraiser
9:40 pm || Departs New York
10:50 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

18 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || September 16, 2010”

  1. “lunch with Biden” sounds so, so…mind-numbing.

    When O has the meeting with the “three leading Hispanic lawmakers” (whatever that means) he can reassure them that he was only kidding when he promised to send 1,200 Nat’l Guard troops to AZ. They can all laugh when he says he only sent 30 guardsmen and he turned the DOJ loose on AZ to sue them from here to Sunday. HaHa, Hillary also turned AZ over to the UN for civil rights violations. HaHa, that’s the ‘chicago way’, mi amigos.

  2. “Ambassador credentialing”? WTF.

    Lets see: were involved in two wars; have a dead economy; millions out of work; undefended borders and Idid Amin Obama wants to spend time “credentialing” ambassadors.

    ITEM: Mr. President delegate that to Tail-gunner Joe. VP big mouth has oodles of time — let him credential the apparatchiks going overseas. It’s time for you to start setting the example.

    ENOUGH of the Idi Amin-style bull scheisse! Whether it is Democrat or Republican country-club-elitism or typical government bull schiesse, its time for it to stop. And since the U.S. Government bank account stands at $14,000,000,000,000,000 in debt … its time to end all state dinners; no more Rose Garden ceremonies; it is time for the WH to start *setting the standard* — the-buck-stops-with-Brock.

    It is time for the WH (and attendant government offices) to end all “functions”. If it requires a budgetary expenditure for birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies, military detachments, going away parties, *cancel* them. If it requires the President to use MARINE ONE to be transported 25 feet to attend a gala – *cancel* it. If it requires Secretary Clinton to be flown across the world to Cameroon to attend a Mosque re-dedication ceremony (courtesy of the American taxpayer) *axe the whole g-d thing*.

    It is time for Obama (and future Republican Presidents) to stop acting like dicatators and start setting the standard. Want green energy? Put solar panels up on the WH. Want kids to eat their veggies? Have MOO-shell get her size 7 rear end, ass-end-up in that garden and start pushing up organic carrots, radishes and tomatoes, pulling them up (by hand), washing them and transporting them to the WH chef. Want energy independence? Replace half the fleet of 100 black SUVs with Chevy Volts or another American-made vehicle that is *electric*. Mothball AIFORCE ONE and put it in a museum. There is no more money.

    It’s time our Presidents stop acting like little rich kids and set the standard for the programs they wish our nation to adopt. A former U.S. Army Sergeant-Major who survived the I-Drang valley holocaust in Vietnam in ’65 once told me: “You want people to take you serious, Tom? Set the standard. Be the example.”

    Rep or Dem — its time these paid employees start earning their pay. No more glitzy, $85,000 re-decorating advances on the taxpayer dime. Its time we make these men *work*.

  3. What is a “Hispanic lawmaker?” A person who imitates the lifestyle of Spaniards? A person who makes laws for Hispanics? Or a person who uses the chance of his race to further his career by promoting divisiveness among Americans?

    Strange that they added “leading” as if we thought he might be meeting with 3 lawmakers who were picked up off the street in some small town. Why don’t they just put the names in?

    The announcement on education? Perhaps schoolchildren will receive all their meals at school with MO’s menus in place? Perhaps BO will say that education is a good thing? Or that his kid’s book will be purchased by taxpayers in order to supply a copy to every home in the U.S.? I can’t wait.

    1. Anonna – I have the names – I’ll put them in. One day we will all be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character . . .

  4. That’s right, Keith, one day. Too bad it’s not today. I wonder if Martin Luther King would be surprised to see how effectively “minority leaders” (and race hustlers) have maintained the racial divides in our nation. His goal was for us all to be Americans. Now we seem to be self-designated hyphenates.

    Not me though. I will not allow myself to be called Anglo-American. I am an American.

  5. Does anyone remember when Hillary, Bill, Jackson/Sharpton all voiced concern over Obama’s “color”? I remember NBC shoving a microphone in Bill Clinton’s face when he made a crack about Jesse Jackson and the debate about Obama’s skin color: not black enough or he was not “like us” whatever the hell that meant. They divide by race, forever destroying the legacy of MLK because each racial/sexual group maintains a power base within the Democratic party: hispanic (La Raza), African-American (NAACP), gay (HRC, GLTF), ad nauseum. The true race hustlers are the liberal-Marxists, led by Barack Obama.

  6. Does this man ever do anything presidential. I feel like the work that I do on a day to day basis is more important than the fluff that BHO tends to on a daily basis. It’s quite evident that he has already quit trying to be the POTUS and is now coasting to retirement.

    1. JBH – your comment is interesting, and I’m starting hear this a lot. People are so unimpressed with Obama’s performance that they suspect he’s not running for reelection. I think he will though – he just makes too many trips to Ohio to be thinking otherwise. And his organization, OFA, is very active.

  7. @Star: Ooops. I thought a size 7 was huge? Yes? No? My bad. I meant “huge” as in “early-morning-krispy-kreme-in-my-booty” huge . . .

    @Keith: I read Roger Simon’s article on Politico earlier this week that Drudge carried and Mort Zuckerman’s “its all over” a week ago. The writing is on the wall for the President. One thing is for sure: He’s acting as though he does not give a damn. I predict Hillary will bail in January “to spend more time with Bill and our new family” and then reorganize the Hillarista’s for 2012.

  8. Tom: I thought a size 7 was huge?

    How can I ever believe you again about the size of the auxillary tank on a
    C-130? Wah! Aw–just kidding. The average woman is a 14–which is also considered “plus size.” I would leave it at that.

  9. Keith, I was going to parenthetically interject (hopefully) regarding his coasting to retirement, because I too believe he is in it for round 2 but I was trying to be an optimist!.

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