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Gibbs Insults Americans’ Intelligence

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today said he was “confident” Democrats will retain control of both houses of Congress.

Gibbs, you may remember, got into hot water a few weeks back with fellow Democrats for stating the obvious – that Democrats might lose. But press secretaries, of course, are paid not to state the obvious, when the obvious sounds bad.

Buts Gibbs threw up a caveat today, one that he’s offered before, which essentially suggests that the American people are idiots. As he did after Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts early this year, Gibbs proposed that Americans are angry at their circumstances, and the same anger that elected President Obama might now work against him.

I’ve said this on a number of occasions, in all honesty, for about two years.  There is — there was two years ago, not just because of the collapse of something like Lehman two years ago today, there was a frustration in the electorate about where we were economically.  That frustration I think in many ways is still in the electorate.

It was — I spoke about this after Massachusetts.  I think that same type of frustration was there and I have no doubt that it continues today.

We’ll see what that produces in November.  I remain confident, as I’ve said, that on Election Night we’ll retain control of both the House and the Senate.  But I don’t think anybody would tell you that there’s not a frustration particularly based on what has happened economically and where we are in that recovery.

The implication of the statement is that angry Americans just vote to throw the bums out, and that they are not really thinking through policies. They’re just mad as Hell, so they vote for change.

This, however is not really what guides people’s votes.

The public is specifically unhappy, as polls consistently show, with the policies Obama has put in place. If they vote to throw Democrats out, it won’t be simply out of some mindless frustration stemming over the crummy economy. It will be because they don’t like things like health reform, the stimulus, and the deficit – that they specifically don’t like Obama’s solutions.

And as long as the White House doesn’t recognize this, they’ve got a problem.

9 thoughts on “Gibbs Insults Americans’ Intelligence”

  1. Have these people ever had a job? Lost a job? Maybe lost an election, but a job? Yeah, we are so irrational. We are clinging to our prejudices. Who do you think is gearing up all this awareness of differences, the “other,” etc. The White House! And quit telling us the recession is in the past. That one is really annoying.

  2. And not only do we not like these policies and the implication that surely all Americans have a spare thousand a month or so for things like health insurance, but we don’t like this person, this man, this individual. And we don’t think he likes us or would like us of we let him in our backyard to pontificate and snipe. It isn’t working out–do we have to hit you with a clue bat, people?

  3. Star: Good question.

    Answer: No.

    The majority of these people are “educated”, rich, elite power brokers who have never held a real job, had to meet payroll, or felt what it was like not to be able to eat for a day or two. They were educated at all the top-flight universities, play golf on the weekends, sip martini’s with other like minded elites, attend all the right parties and schmooze at all the right gallery openings in New York, Milan and Paris … and never dip their noses below the radar to see how the other half lives. The American people are but a paycheck to these people.

    ITEM: Come November firearm-owning, Bible-believing Christians, conservative and moderate Jews, conservative and moderate libertarians, right-wing conservatives, Blue Dog Democrats, small business owners, workers, soccer moms, and millions of other Middle Class “folk” will be removing the elite from office. That includes the rich, elite, country-club-Republican filth that Reagan-Bush-I-Bush-II drug in as well (the smug, elite, anti-Semitic, martini-swilling James Baker types) that are no different from the liberals they profess to “legislate against.”

    Come November, the people will speak … with their votes.

    Come November.

  4. When asked about the WH “villifying” Mr Boehnar, Gibbs said they weren’t and then went on about Boehnar’s ties to lobbyists and something about “passing out checks on the floor of the house”. ?? The issue died there with no one asking about the WH’s ties and employment of current and past lobbyists, or even meeting with them outside the actual White House offices.
    As for the upcoming elections, the WH is whistling in the dark here. Gibbs thinks we’re acting irrationally, voting without thinking of the future and implies that we’ll be really sorry. There could be some thruth in thinking like that because we, the voters, are really p.o.ed and wish to evict every single one of them from office.
    Insults from the O administration? ha! For over a year, we have been called racists, ignorant, slimy thugs, homophobes, rednecks, country club elites, fear-mongers, violence-prone, birthers, truthers, crazy, loons, and anti-apple pie and ice cream, so what else is new from these insulting, mean-spirited politicians?
    We can see November from our house.

    1. They do not understand the people they are governing, and they do not understand what is coming in November. And neither do a lot of Republicans who think that only country club Republicans can win in November. The level of anger is so deep that these tea party “fools” are going to shock Washington in November. The Carter people were really excited to be running against Reagan in 1980. Remember how extreme he was thought to be? Look what they got.

  5. Do you really think if you asked the average person for any pertinent details of the stimulus package or healthcare reform or cause and effect regarding the deficit that they would have any clue? Please. They know things suck and things don’t suck. Just like they always have. And that doesn’t mean their stupid. People choose what they want to know and in this country political policy isn’t it.

    1. Sorry, jmk, but I think especially today, with the vast popularity of Internet news sites, cable news, and radio talk shows, people are far more attuned to the issues than you suggest.

  6. I heard Rove on Greta last night, his hair mussed up, trying to insult that O’Donnell. Honestly, I haven’t got the whole 411 on her–I did hear her misuse a word on Hannity…but Karl was fuming that no one could get foreclosed through a bank mistake. What planet is he on? This happens ALL THE TIME out here in the Flyovers. One way is people sign up for that mortgage reduction game, pay and pay the new amt and BAM, foreclosed anyhow…Or repeated requests for paperwork and you don’t have a deal. Or no requests–and you think it’s OK, but it’s not. Maybe people in Rove’s world don’t have this happen, but it happens, baby! People like Rove don’t want amateurs in the game–well, since the top guy is an amateur, this whole game changed! Ironical, huh?

  7. Rove screwed up.

    He needed to keep his *mouth shut* and allow O’Donnell to stand or fall based upon the vote. Then this weenie got his crow handed back to him . . . he has been backpedalling since the election.

    Rove is a rich elite like the rest of the Republican junta and views the world with beltway goggles on. O’Donnell is a nobody (like us) who can be tossed aside at a whim because he simply didn’t like her.

    I am sick and tired of watching the country club Rep’s (who are just as liberal as Schumer/Durban/Obama/Spector/Bush are/were) simply shovel in the money to get elected. We need more honest, “average” folk to run.

    I would vote for *any* of you if you were in my district and ran for public office, based only upon what I have read here. It’s not about money, your college or your pedigree. It’s about what you beleive in your heart. It’s about integrity, honesty and courage.

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