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Obama’s Back to School Speech

Here are some excerpts from the remarks. Yes, those two shadows you see are TOTUS. Is it unreasonable now for students to start asking to use teleprompters during their next class presentation?

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Back to School Speech”

  1. “Is it unreasonable now for students to start asking to use teleprompters during their next class presentation?”

    Answer these questions first:

    1. Was your TOTUS made from recycled, green fibers?
    2. Was your TOTUS grain or grass fed? Free range?
    3. Is your TOTUS progressive? Of color? Transgendered?

    If you answered “yes”, you can use your TOTUS for your next school project.

  2. The students didn’t look very attentive to the Platitudes-in-Chief. Did he remember to tell them to go to Harvard and then start dropping your Gs and you too can be president? Exactly why did he give this speech?

    “The life is precious” isn’t going to go over very well with those who objected to his stance on infants born alive during an abortion. In Illinois he was against any treatment, an extreme and radical position even for him.

    Will he be goin” on a book tour to publicize his new book? When did he have time to “write” a book?

  3. Tom, he’s donatingany profits to children’s charity. Michelle Malkin had an article on how BHO is exploiting his daughters by putting them on the cover of the book. What else is new.

  4. Maybe Barry should set an example for children and stop lying.

    He’s the liar-in-chief. How can children even look up to him
    when he lies so much?

    There’s something really wrong with a guy who has to
    use a teleprompter to talk to children.

    Truly pathetic.

  5. To be followed by a reading of My Pet Goat. I think he wrote his deathless little tome in 2008–thought he was campaigning, what do I know. Maybe Bill Ayres wrote this one, too. I do know he had no trouble being a weekend parent while in the Senate and that his mother-in-law does a lot of the child care. Stil, I like those two girls and feel a little sorry for them.

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