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Obama Morning News || September 14, 2010

GOP  Backs Away From Tax Cut Deal . . . Los Angeles Times
Obama Takes Econ Message to Virginia . . . Washington Post
Dream Big, Obama to Tell Students . . . POLITICO
Obama Mulls Consumer Agency Appointment . . . Reuters
Daniels Makes White House Moves . . . POLITICO
Clinton Calls Settlement Deal Possible . . . New York Times
Hillary’s Mideast Peace Chance . . . CNN
Gibbs vs. Beohner: The Twitter Battle . . . CNN

4 Responses to Obama Morning News || September 14, 2010

  1. When both Michael Moore and the Huffington Post want Elizabeth Warren as Consumer Protection Czar … you know somethings up. Just read the peice this morning online about her.

    I saw Warren in Moore’s last film when she appeared on the bumper footage pushing his “I hate Capitalism” documentary (which, actually, and quite interestingly, took a whole host of Democrats to the tool shed) as the person who was meekly searching out just “where our money went to.” Warren has been canonized by the left as the person to head the agency. I dont know much about her. But if Arianna and Michael want her, we (collectively) dont need her.

    I am assuming she stands on the polar extremes of mainstream politics and is in cahoots with the fringe left which makes me believe that if she becomes Consumer Protection Czar she will cordon off McDonalds, make us eat carrots (with a bicycle safety helmet on) and tuck us into bed at night, making sure we are using proper, Government-approved, hemp-based blankets and free range, goose down pillows.

    We’ve already got Big Sis. Prepare to have Big Nanny.

  2. Just read this:

    First Lady Goes after Salt in Restaurants …

    Who made her Dinner Czar? The Queen of Calories? This is a lady who eats lobster tails, sips 40-year old wine with the Spanish royals, dines and lives in ultimate luxury (with a nice, big fat behind) and then has the gall to tell us what to eat? Give me a break lady …

    I work *hard* for the money I make; I’ll spend it at McDonald’s, Wings and Things, or at Billy Bob’s Deep Fry down the street. *Do Not* lecture me about food, calories or salt consumption while you and Prince Barack live it up like Hollywood stars.

    I am a personal trainer by trade, but I sure as hell don’t tell my clients what to eat; I help guide there choices, but when its time to splurge on a bad meal – its Billy Bob’s Deep Fry we head to – because eating greasy, deep fried french fries covered in Mayo and ketchup is sheer heaven. My clients don’t make millions (like the Obama’s) who, on one of their whistlestop tours, will alight from a 20-car motorcade and deign to eat with us commoners … and then have the temerity to lecture us on what we eat (or what we can afford to eat).

    The sheer *arrrogrance* of these two is truly astounding.

  3. I agree, Tom. They could cut some big buttjet items right now by eliminating all this bossy cow stuff. Quit scolding and micromanaging us peons–we resent the patoots out of it…esp when it’s do as I say, not do as I do.

  4. By the way–related–we splurged at Wendy’s yesterday–and got the apple salad thing. Six bucks! You could eat in a restaurant instead of conversing with the clown’s mouth! Also, don’t tell Queenie, but it’s plenty caloric.