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My Latest POLITICO Effort

Describing why it might not be such a good idea for Obama to try to take down Boehner. You can find it here. Hope you enjoy.

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3 Responses to My Latest POLITICO Effort

  1. Good one, Keith. I agree with most of your points and conclusions.
    Somehow, the commenters seem to think that any article written in Politico is a left-leaning liberal pro-Obama piece.
    The last article (on the Lobster Shortage) that was taken up by Drudge kept most of us off your site for 3 days, it must of gone viral (good for you!) and everyone appreciated your humor.

    • Thanks srdem65. The other piece did go viral. And honestly, I made a nice little bit of money on a few paragraphs about lobsters. The power of Drudge.