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Take that, Bush

Oh, the indignity. The fabric that graced the floors of the halls of power during the Bush administration – the corridors strolled by Bush, Cheney, Rove and the like – has been shred into patches of rug fit for common reporters and their ilk.

From the pool report of Obama’s remarks at the White House to officials representing historically black colleges.

Also of interest: a cameraman noted that the little squares of carpet set out on the platform for camera stands were actually old pieces of West Wing carpeting from the Bush presidency. Touche.


News Flash: Apparently, the cameraman was wrong! The pool report has been amended.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest wanted to clarify that, per my comment in the last report about White House camera stands being set up on little carpet squares that were formerly pieces of Bush-era White House carpeting, they are not pieces from Bush’s Oval Office rug.

From Josh:

“The carpet scraps used for events in the White House Residence are the remnants of carpet projects in the Residence.  As you would expect, President Bush’s Oval Office rug is intact and is the responsibility of the Curator.”

Well, I guess it’s only a damn carpet anyway.

4 Responses to Take that, Bush

  1. Sheesh … the “Bush rug.” Everything with these freaks is about George Bush, not the American people. It is personalized, not about representing a nation.

    Redecorating began the day Mr. Obama had the Churchill bust returned to the UK. Remember that? That was the day we began taking a close look at just who we put into 1600 Penyslvania Avenue. And, in light of this report, I am suprised the Churchill bust was even mailed back. Why didn’t FLOTUS put in her garden as a gnome?

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if we found out that portions of the carpet the Bushs’ had in the residency are used for ‘doggy’ pads for Bo.
    As for the bust of Churchill, shame on O. Returning the bust was a slap in the face to one of our greatest allies. He could have just put it in storage.

  3. srdem65: You make a good point.

    Had Mr. Obama put the bust in storage, that would have at least shown respect for the *object* itself. Walk it over to the Curator’s storage, open up the door, slowly cart it in, turn out the lights, Bob’s your Uncle. Instead … he MAILS it back to England.

    The only word I can come up with (I’ve searched through my thesaurus) that aptly describes this, and the carpet fiasco, is *juvenile.*