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Obama Does Basketball This Morning

If the president was thinking golf, the notion was washed out by the otherwise welcome sight of rain in formerly sun-drenched Washington. So he’s playing hoops at Fort McNair. The only known participant in this morning’s presidential recreation is personal assistant Reggie Love.

According to pooler Derek Wallbank of MinnPost, there is no sign today of NBA players or other such fabulous people who were on hand for his birthday game last month.

4 thoughts on “Obama Does Basketball This Morning”

  1. Poor O, surrounded yesterday by all of that testosterone at the Pentagon, forced to pretend he knows how to paint a wall and knowing he appointed someone (mr goober) who says things are going to get worse, not better.
    He might as well play basketball. And golf. Maybe another vacation.
    Double down didn’t work, know when to fold ’em.

  2. Just saw Granny Jan’s link to our President’s “dress” to play basketball. Sheesh. Why not CHANGE when you GET TO THE GYM? He looks like a rap mogul (with hired guns) arriving at a home in the Hollywood hills. I don’t mind him playing ball, but for heaven’s sake Mr. President — you represent US … not you! Sigh.

  3. Golf, golf, golf, GOLF!

    Enough with the GOLF!

    Why do our Chief Executives choose to play the game of the elites? It should be written into POTUS code somewhere that every golf link within 100-miles is off limits to the Chief Executive.

    For heavens sake … grow a pair and go *hiking*. Go *camping*. And if killing water fowl upsets you, then carry Sasha’s gun for her.

    Please, no more golf. We are in bad enough shape with the educated-elites from the Ivy League.

    Stick with ball.

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