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Goolsbee: Unemployment Will Stay High

Incoming White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee said on Fox News Sunday today that the 9.6 percent unemployment rate would not come down in the near future.

The White House has apparently learned its lesson. Aides are still dealing with criticism of the assertion early in the administration by Goolsbee’s predecessor, Christina Romer, that the stimulus package would get the rate below 8 percent.

Goolsbee also sought to explain away another PR flop, suggesting that the “Summer of Recovery” touted by the White House was a reference to the stimulus, whose official title is the “Recovery Act.”

Goolsbee went on to say that “Hope and Change” had nothing to do with bringing honesty to Washington, and was instead a reference to comedian Bob Hope and an extra pair of clothes.

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5 Responses to Goolsbee: Unemployment Will Stay High

  1. Now they (even Mr Creepy) tell us unemployment will be a new normal of 10%–never mind, we already knew. We live here, we’re unemployed or know people who are, we hunt for jobs, I write a blog on hunting for jobs–we know!
    I read a great dsecription of a woman looking for employees on Craigs and within 5 mins of the ad going up, her Blackberry started dinging like a slot machine! See? Other people wanted Blackberries.

  2. Lets be honest here: If it was not for the new media (and that includes the lies and claptrap fascade built by the left-wing media-driven-Obama White House would not have crumbled so quick; we have the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and internet savvy reporters to thank for that. Goolsbee’s job is to sell us on “The Summer of Recovery” even though its powered by snakeoil and small rodents on hamster trails. There is no good jobs news, real estate news or surge … anywhere. New media broke through the MSM’s sham by providing an independent opinion of what’s *really taking place* in the White House and behind closed doors in Mrs. Pelosi’s office where deals are cut. The gig is up. Mr. Obama has no credibility. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Boule zero. By 2012 I don’t think Mr. Obama could even sell us a hamster trail, let alone another stimulus package.