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Obama: We Will ‘Never’ be at War With Islam

President Obama commemorated 9/11 attack at the Pentagon this morning by saying Islam is not the enemy. Here’s what he said on the issue.

They may seek to exploit our freedoms, but we will not sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust.  They may wish to drive us apart, but we will not give in to their hatred and prejudice.  For Scripture teaches us to “get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.”

They may seek to spark conflict between different faiths, but as Americans we are not — and never will be — at war with Islam.  It was not a religion that attacked us that September day — it was al Qaeda, a sorry band of men which perverts religion.  And just as we condemn intolerance and extremism abroad, so will we stay true to our traditions here at home as a diverse and tolerant nation.  We champion the rights of every American, including the right to worship as one chooses — as service members and civilians from many faiths do just steps from here, at the very spot where the terrorists struck this building.

Those who attacked us sought to demoralize us, divide us, to deprive us of the very unity, the very ideals, that make America America — those qualities that have made us a beacon of freedom and hope to billions around the world.  Today we declare once more we will never hand them that victory.  As Americans, we will keep alive the virtues and values that make us who we are and who we must always be.

You can find the rest of his remarks here.

8 Responses to Obama: We Will ‘Never’ be at War With Islam

  1. This man needs a reality check. What other religion’s members are attacking us? A very few renegade Christians, no Jews that I know of, no terrorist Pagans, no Hindus. There seems to be only one religion that is spouting for endless amounts of hatred for us. Which religion is that? Do we see “moderates” in this religion speaking out en masse? Or are they, too, afraid of their own theocracy?

  2. Nothing Brock Your World says anymore has any deference with me.

    The only way I would watch him now on t.v. was if he came out dressed in drag, lipsynching “Alejandro” by Lady Gaga. Then .. yeah … I would probably stop and watch.

  3. ” … and just as we condemn intollerance and extremism aboard.”

    What the- …

    I have *never* heard Mr. Obama condemn the excesses of Islam: the honor killings, the savage atrocities against women, the barbarism against cultural minorities in Afghanistan or Iraq from Al Queda, the militia’s or the Iranian mercenaries. Fuzzy statements from his pulpit in the Rose Garden? Yes. I’ve heard a dozen warm fuzzies trotted out to the press “condemning extremism.” Mr. Teleprompter however, has never condemned Islamofascism. He’s never even used the word Islamofascist in a sentence before [ CNN’s Ed Henry stated a year ago to Anderson Cooper that the word “Islamofascist/ism” was never to be used by White House press staff ].

    Instead, Mr. Teleprompter lectures us about “maintaining our values” which is a dig at the millions of Americans who do not wish to see a Victory Mosque errected at Ground Zero.

  4. The last paragraph of the highlighted portion of O’s speech describes exactly what this Administration and it’s agenda has done to the American people.
    It could be the “mission statement” of all who support the TeaPartyMovement.

  5. Obama’s speech reveals why he has allowed and defended the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. He has stated a paradox in his first lines. We have allowed those Islam believers and extremists to exploit our freedom. We have also sacrificed the liberties we cherish by allowing them to build a mosque where many of our countrymen have lost and sacrificed their lives. What a speech!