As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

East Room Press Conference, September 10, 2010: You Are There

Here are a few shots behind the scenes at today’s press conference, since what went on in front of the scenes was mostly familiar.

Here, CNNs Ed Henry gets miked up.


ABC’s Jake Tapper also gets miked up for the four questions that he will ask, which will draw groans from his colleagues in the press corps.


Tapper, Chip Reid of CBS, and Henry prepare to stand and deliver before Obama appears.


Obama, still looking fresh from the Vineyard, trots to the lectern. Reporters – and everyone else – are supposed to stand when a president enters a room.


Obama’s favorite piece of technology is ready to go.


Obama reads from his favorite piece of technology.


The opening  remarks continue . . .


For reasons that are not quite clear, Obama begins to call on reporters by whistling to them.


House Minority Leader John Boehner (not seen), the butt of recent Obama mockery, is perched at the base of an East Room chandelier trying to saw it off so it lands on Obama’s head.


The White House message team dives into blackberry world . From the left, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, senior political adviser David Axelorod, and Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer.


A reporter reacts as the press conference nears the one hour and sixteen minute mark. OK, I just found this shot on the Internet, but that’s pretty much where we were headed.

Actually, it’s a little unfair. Obama gets berated by reporters for not holding press conferences, and then afterward I hear a few complaints about the length of the session and how uncomfortable the chairs were in the East Room.

Maybe, Obama’s right, he just can’t win.

6 Responses to East Room Press Conference, September 10, 2010: You Are There

  1. It appeared to be a totally controlled venue for O to say the same things over and over that he has said over and over in the past month. Because the questioners were pre-selected, one may assume the questions were also previewed and the suck-up members of the once-noble Press never had a followup or another question of the same issue.
    There is a reason why Americans hold the professional Press in such low esteem. We know the Press lies/spins, or just doesn’t report important things, we know that many of them are shameless shills for the current administration and their policies, we know that this President is an empty suit and a danger to the future of our country, but we still expect our constitutionally protected Press to be fair, unbiased and relentless in finding the truth.
    There is more truth here at your site, more insight into current events than at many of the MSM “news sites”. The public knows that the Dems aren’t always right, nor are the Repubs. But, one or the other isn’t always wrong, or evil or racist or anything else. GW can take a lot of blame for our current situation, but he isn’t totally responsible because we know that the President doesn’t enact legislation. O may have wonderful ideas but they may not be what the majority of Americans desire.

  2. I tried to watch it but BHO has special hypnotic powers that put you right to sleep. Remember, he said to Harry Reid, “Harry, I have a gift.” Now we know what it is.

  3. Please tell me it’s not true that BO read “Good morning, before I answer your questions …” from a teleprompter. Please, tell me he doesn’t need a script to greet people.

  4. Obama is whistling as an insult to me. He thinks it’s funny that my children are dead and my life is ruined. He continues to protect criminals such as Jerry Weller and the Roman Church. This is why he looks like a stick. He won’t do what is right. Anyone may respond to this email address but I will never get the message as the CIA may never allow this to be posted.