As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Where was Obama’s Wedding Ring?

That’s the question among White House reporters who covered today’s press conference. He wasn’t wearing it, for reasons unknown.

But reports say he was getting it repaired. White House Dossier is investigating tips that he broke it cracking open a lobster claw.

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5 Responses to Where was Obama’s Wedding Ring?

  1. He’s gotten so skinny that it just doesn’t fit anymore.I’m sure he and MO are just as in love as they’ve always been.

    Now Mo wears an obvious wig and Bo wears an obvious dye job. I suggest the two should switch for a while.

  2. Bet the ring comes back pretty quick.
    As for getting repaired or re-sized..let’s think about this;
    The POTUS’s wedding ring needs work…Rahm takes it to Kay’s Discount Jewelry at the mall and the teenager at the desk says…ya know, maybe 2-3 weeks or…..Rahm calls a DC upscale jeweler and the jeweler fixes it ASAP, has it back the next day.
    Optics, people. If he wore a cigar band on his finger, no one would have noticed. nincompoops.