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Obama Shows Leg on Bush Tax Cuts for Rich

President Obama today appeared to leave the door open – after appearing to leave the door shut during a speech in Ohio Wednesday – on extending the Bush-era income tax cuts for the highest earners.

Here’s what he said in the East Room at his press conference.

Question: Is there room for a middle ground whereby, for example, the tax cuts on the wealthy could be extended for a period of time and then allowed to expire?

OBAMA: Well, certainly there’s going to be room for discussion.

He then went on to bash the idea. But, in the world of Washington tea leaf reading, the message was very clear. He didn’t have to say there is “room for discussion.” But he did.

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2 Responses to Obama Shows Leg on Bush Tax Cuts for Rich

  1. Lots of us are curious about the $250k threshold on the tax issue.
    It might be a lot of money in Mayberry, but it probably isn’t a lot in SanFrancisco or DC. Why not $500k or $375k? And, if the Dems are worried that “millionaires and billionaires” will get a special break if the tax isn’t repealed, make the threshold $1m or $15m.
    It all seems like a straw issue to divert the attention from the massive debt caused, not by the tax break, but by the immense programs and spending of this administration. As long as there is no discussion of down-sizing or a reduction of earmarks, federal employees or programs the voters are not going to buy into the WH’s economic fixes.

  2. If he didn’t “show some leg” (love that), how could be be on both sides…? You know how he loves to straddle. If this happens, I am covered. If that happens, well, I am also covered.