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Obama Schedule || September 10, 2010

11:00 am || Press Conference, East Room

All times Eastern

5 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || September 10, 2010”

  1. The President is acting like a rejected suitor and is now stalking us.
    He’s everywhere we look, saying the same things, over and over.
    O! it’s over, done, kaput, fini. Accept it and move on. They don’t love you anymore.

  2. I doublechecked the locked doors last nite! Funny, SrDem. He is like that–just let us eat sweets. peaceably assemble, and leave us alone. Remember when my kid asked me if Obama came to our house, would we have to do anything he said, like with the police? I said–he can’t come in without a warrant. And I see that dopey Koran burner guy (and you call yourself a minister!) decided to do what the president said–but did he HAVE to? (He may have changed his mind by now–I can’t keep up.)

  3. This press conference is outrageous! Is there no one left in the Press with any integrity?
    The President is choosing who will ask questions by a pre-approved list without even knowing if they are in attendance and my assumption is that the questions were also pre-approved.
    This comedy is just another campaign promotion for the President and the Democrats in a supposed “presser”
    How stupid do they think we are? Shame on all of them.

  4. 12:00 pm II Play with small mouse in Oval Office.
    2:30 pm II Pull out rubics cube. Play. With. Rubics. Cube.
    8:00 pm II Meet with Michelle. Talk about women’s dress concepts, flourishes versus florals, thin lace versus outer lace, long versus short.
    2:30am II Put on lace floral dress.

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