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Writing on the Wall for Rahm to Leave

And the writing was written by Gibbs, who gaggled on the way to Obama’s speech in Cleveland this afternoon. Asked about the possibility Emanuel will leave the White House to run for mayor of Chicago, Gibbs said,

“Something like that doesn’t come around a lot,” and

Chicago is “a city you can fall in love with very quickly.”

So what do you think that means?

I’d say it means he already told the president he’s out.

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5 Responses to Writing on the Wall for Rahm to Leave

  1. Oh, the spin and sputter from these clowns.
    Remember the strange Obama weekend visit to their house in Chicago on Memorial Day? Remember Rahm’s mysterious visits to Chicago in the last 6 months?
    Ha. The deal was struck back then, the donors lined up, the machine was oiled and now it begins.

  2. Boy oh boy…aren’t we being a bit cynical, here? Why can’t you give them the benefit of the doubt? I don’t think Rahm is the man…I think it may be Jesse Jackson, Jr. After all, Obummer is fearful of Papa Jackson and his mighty (phfffft!) sword. :>(oooouch!