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White House Wimps Out on the Koran Bonfire

Here is what White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had to say yesterday about the threat by some lunatic pastor in Florida to mark Sept. 11 by burning the Koran.

Well, look, I think the best place to look for the views of this administration would be to look at the — look at what General Petraeus said over the weekend.  We know that that type of activity — we know that that type of activity is being transmitted back to places like Afghanistan, when General Petraeus obviously is our lead commander.  As he said, it puts our troops in harm’s way.  And obviously that – any type of activity like that would be – that puts our troops in harm’s way would be a concern to this administration.

Yes, that’s true, and it’s important that no harm come to the troops out of this. But the statement is not nearly enough. WHY IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES PASSING THE BUCK TO PETRAEUS??

“I think the best place to look for the views of this administration would be” . . . Obama.

This is much more than a military matter. It’s first and foremost a moral matter. We don’t protest religions in this country by burning their sacred texts. It goes without saying, I hope, that this is exactly what the NAZIs did before they starting killing Jews.

I don’t usually advocate government officials inserting themselves in private ethical matters. But this case is so morally egregious – not to mention a threat to the troops, U.S. officials around the globe and our standing with all other nations – that  Obama himself needs to convey that he is deeply troubled by this proposed infamy and say that it should not occur.

Hillary Clinton had the, um, cojones to do so yesterday. Are the president’s advisers afraid of putting him in any type of pro-Muslim stance after the flack he got from his non-opinion on the Ground Zero mosque? Are they afraid it will hurt him politically?

If so, it’s a disgrace.

UPDATE: The day after this was written, Obama spoke out against the Koran burning

9 Responses to White House Wimps Out on the Koran Bonfire

  1. How this insanity got to be international news is a mystery. The Muslim outrage shown on every TVnews, while understandable, is selective and even manufactured. How many times have we seen or heard of ‘insurgents’ bombing/killing/maiming Muslims at prayer in their house of worship in Iraq or Afganistan?. There weren’t any organized marches or threats about those atrocities committed by fellow Muslims. Ah, the difference…we are the GreatSatan to be killed and destroyed.
    Even though we have broad religious freedoms to worship in any manner, we don’t have the right to incite riots or violence by our actions. The (my opinion) misguided Christians could show their religious or political beliefs in a less outrageous manner.
    Since O’s choice to be silent on this issue reflects his unwillingness or incompetence to actually “lead” our country then let the Military speak for the safety of our troops. When our President weighs every action or comment to the affect on the re-election of his partisan associates, then he is only the head of the Democratic pary and not the United States.

  2. If the Pastor wants to burn 1, 5, or a 100 Qu’rans, the question is not if it will be detrimental to our troops [ simply being IN the Middle East is a detriment ], rather, “Will Obama stop him?” This will test the Constitutional hutzpah of our judiciary: Will Obama use law enforcement to stop the Pastor? Will he call on the Justice Department to audit or seize the church by force? Will the ATF swoop in under the rubric of “probably cause” and stop the Pastor?

    Although I find the upcoming burnings wrong (the event holds no merit within Christianity), what I find despicable and absolutely barbaric were the beheadings of over a dozen Americans (half of whom appeared on video, begging for their lives as their heads were sawed off) as well as 1,000 contract workers in Iraq, mostly Chinese, Phillipino and Nepalese who were abducted by Al Queda, tortured in the most barbaric manner and then beheaded in the same fashion. Al-Jazeera played portions of the video to great applause on Arab t.v.

    Islam is simply, for lack of better phrase, a cruel and savage religion.

  3. A close friend of mine who is an expert on the Middle East, Islam, and the Muslim character at close range [ he spent 25 years in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon ] once told me that when the Islamist commits an atrocity … you are to MEET that atrocity with *double the savagery.* Only then will the Islamist step back, scratch his chin and say, “I respect you.”

    We have applied Western values to a government, military and people who live in the 5th century (give or take those nations that live in modernity) and attempt to apply modern values to what we view are moral failings.

    Each beheading should have been metted out with the beheading of 5-10 Al Queda terrorists (currently being held in Guat’) and the video tape sent by courier to Al-Jezeera and played for the entire Arab world to see.

    “Arabs only respect strength” my military friend told me. “Obama is seen as a homosexual in the Arab world because of his feminism, mannerisms and inability to stand up either for himself or his country. He is seen as weak.”

    Now with the book burning about to take place … Mr. Obama is again voting present.

  4. I was on Huffington Post reading Harry Shearer’s article and reading the response posts below. It’s laughable reading the lib’s acting as though the sky is falling. When told by one poster (with a cross as an avatar) that Pastor Jones has the right to burn the Qu’ran, he was attacked by the ash-and-trash that “this could get out of hand. Cant the FBI stop this?” Or this one: “… someone must do something. Anything. Just stop it. My God, this is horrible.”

  5. Gee….it this a different kind of “freedom of speech” than the kind Muslims have to build a mosque at Ground Zero?? We were told we can’t oppose that.

    Free speech is free speech.

    Obama is a wimp.

  6. I think books are too precious to burn, but the Nazis were burning entire libraries in order to eradicate the message of the books. Burning one Koran is not at all comparable.

    If a person can put a crucifix in a jar of piss and call it art, I don’t see why a Koran can’t be rendered into ashes. Both are free speech actions, ones that I don’t find appealing, but that doesn’t matter.

    If burning a Koran in the U.S. endangers American soldiers around the world, we have learned something about Islam, haven’t we?

  7. This so-called pastor wanted publicity for his hatefulness. He is getting it. The dark side of free speech, but to have free speech, you have to take all the sides in stride.

  8. I watched liberal ash-and-trash burn the American and Israeli flag (and portions of the New and Old Testament) in Seattle in 2003 after a “peace march” while chanting the most horrendous, anti-Semitic cant I’ve heard in years. I watched both flags and parts of a Bible burn to cinders … then ashes. To liberals, this was freedom of speech. The Burning of the Qu’ran however, is a hate crime.

    It is amazing how much attention this Qu’ran burning has received. I am perplexed.

    As a homosexual, I have freedom to live in this nation, to which nation I served for eight years and would *gladly* lay down my life, for my comrades, for you to live free. In the Middle East, homosexuals are routinely persecuted, arrested, raped, tortured and executed, throatcut, beheaded … since, according to the Hadith, we are “unclean” having committed “the capital offense.”


    I’m done being “fair” to the Islamists who murder, rape, torture, and throatcut and then tell us were being unfair.

    Burn em. Burn as many as you can. It’s too sad I can’t be there, because I would probably end up taking an enormous *dump* on top of the heaping pile of ashes.