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White House Announces Sept. 11 Schedule

President Obama will speak at the Pentagon, while Vice President Biden will go to New York City. Michelle Obama shares a stage with former First Lady Laura Bush in Shanksville, Pa.

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7 Responses to White House Announces Sept. 11 Schedule

  1. Back to the Pentagon to polite acknowledgment and proper salutes.
    Anything he says about the Muslim attacks on American soil will sound hollow and forced. He’s not a “wartime consiglere” as Michael Corleone explained to Tom Hagen.

  2. Seems that O has hit bottom. Every dog-lover in America is now offended.
    The folks he failed to offend with his progressive agenda, his vacations and his general mein are now solidly ‘anti-Obama’ zealots.
    Waiting for the PA memorial service with the two-fer First Ladies: Mrs O, who wasn’t the least bit “proud of her country” when the Muslims attacked us is going to have a hard time convincing anyone that she really did care, way back then. Mrs B, a gentlewoman and lady of class, will be a sight for sore eyes when she makes her appearance.
    All VP Biden has to say at the memorial at 9/11 Ground Zero is this.. .”It was a big, f**king deal”. Case closed.

  3. The contrast between classy, warm, and proper FLOTUS Laura Bush
    and low-rent, bitter, tacky FLINO Michelle Antoinette (First Lady in Name Only) will be stunning.

    Mrs. Bush agreed to this event long ago. Michelle Antoinette wedged herself
    into this event just to help her plummeting popularity.

  4. 9-11 is a time of reflection for me. I stood watching in my office, my secretary by my side, while we saw the second airliner hit the North Tower. The rest of the day was spent consoling my Secretary who lost a loved one in the South Tower. I later found out two of my friends had died: One at the Pentagon and one in the North Tower.

    Mr. Obama avoids New York (i.e., Ground Zero, Lower Manhattan, “that place”) like vampires avoid the cross. Like most old school Islamists, he probably see’s the 9-11 attacks as justified and see’s no reason why America should spend time crying over those who died; after all, the President’s *entire life* has been spent defending minorities while denigrating the “country of his birth.” Why not defend the 19 hijackers? What did they do wrong? They were fighting this evil empire!

    As crazy as that may seem … only two years after 9-11, I watched a “peace protest” in Seattle, Washington prior to the 2003 Iraq War invasion. This peace protest was packed with the ash-and-trash of the left: CPUSA, Socialist Party, the Women’s World Revolutionary Party, the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Palestinian Brotherhood of Students, and hundreds of other left-wing organizations, societies and movements that were anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic and anti-American. I saw Communist flags, the Viet Cong Flag, and even a Nazi “blut fahne” (blood flag) carried by university students with a sign that said: HITLER SHOULD HAVE FINISHED THE JOB. The tenor of the protest was: Osama Bin Ladin simply did what any Muslim would do. Several women had on “I will give my ____ to Osama” t-shirts. The protest ran for nearly 5 hours and had roughly 100,000 participants, the largest of its kind in America: it was the left’s version of the Ku Klux Klan. I stood on the corner of Pike and Virginia and watched it pass through downtown. All that was missing was a cross burning.

    I think deep down, Mr. Obama feels the same way as those liberal protestors: America deserved it. American power out of control; American arrogance abroad.

    There is no need for Mr. Obama to be in New York. Let him finish out his term and then slime his way back to Chicagoland where he can build his Presidential library, schmooze with Rev. Wright and Callypso Louie and the other foul-mouthed, anti-Semitic bigots he has surrounded himself with.