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Mayor Daley is Done; Rahm is Certain to Run

Was that Rahm I just saw at the Staples on 17th Street walking out with a bunch of cardboard boxes?

Maybe not. But with the announcement that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has decided not to seek a tenth term, or whatever it is, Rahm is SO leaving the White House, all that remains is for him to decide which door to walk out of.

If I’m wrong, I will leave Washington and spend the rest of my life as an anthropologist in the Sahara studying the migratory routes of Nomadic Bedouin tribes and examining their foot calluses. I promise.

How do I know he’s out?

1. Rahm is well known not to be thoroughly loving his job and is expected to leave by the end of the year anyway.

2. It is believed that the hyperkinetic, foul mouthed, occasionally-naked-sauna-room-schmoozing Rahm hasn’t really bonded terribly well with the fastidious Obama.

3. Rahm SAID HE WANTS TO BE MAYOR OF CHICAGO on the Charlie Rose show in April.

4. It’s Rahm’s only logical next move. The Senate is not the place for a natural born Bossy Man like Emanuel, and the next election he could conceivably contest is in six years. Illinois governor is a possibility, but he’d have to wait four years, and Rahm isn’t into waiting.

5. With Republicans likely to take the House or at least be in a position in Congress to block most legislation, the next two years of the Obama administration are unlikely to be very fruitful.

Expect an announcement within a few weeks, possibly right after Congress leaves to campaign. I doubt Rahm will wait until after Election Day in November, because the mayoral contest will be held Feb. 22. He needs time to raise money, line up endorsements, campaign, and so forth.

He would probably announce his intentions tomorrow except that he would seem overeager, and it would raise questions about just how unhappy he is at the White House.

5 Responses to Mayor Daley is Done; Rahm is Certain to Run

  1. Potty-mouthed politicians are so..yesterday. Of course, Illinois and Chicago voters might not mind, having so many English-challenged, thuggish, elected officials lead their state and cities into the notorious crime-ridden poverty-stricken areas that makes them special. Mr Rahm would probably be a great mayor; he certainly knows the “chicago-way” rules well enough.
    The rumor that Auntie Val would become “chief of staff” makes a lot of sense. No point in O changing his agenda or policies now, he’s already in the tank , flailing his arms, and gasping for air.

  2. Hmmm … I am not so sure about this. With Mr. Obama on the brink, and politicians everywhere of the old-school-variety about to be tossed out of office, I think Chicagoans may take a second look at Mr. Emmanuel and reject him. Look for a Republican who could sneak in at the last moment and win.

    Just a gut feeling …