As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

I’m Taking the Weekend Off, Mostly

At the insistence of my wife and children, I am – for the most part, though not entirely – unplugging until Tuesday. In the meantime, please enjoy the “best of” show below, a list of some of my favorite posts. Most of them are satirical. I hope you enjoy them and have a great Labor Day weekend.


President Obama’s Head Falls Off

The Top Ten Excuses McChrystal Gave Obama

Obama’s Empty Gesture on the Ground Zero Mosque

Obama Attempts to Address the Nation

When Barack Met Bibi

Obama’s Worst Nightmare

Michelle Obama Channels Nancy Reagan

On Helen Thomas

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14 Responses to I’m Taking the Weekend Off, Mostly

  1. Go. Rest. Enjoy the family. Eat, poppa, eat.
    Don’t worry about us, we already have intricate plans to hijack your site. We’re going to rant, rave, impugn, lie about, smear, besmirsch any one we wish without any moderation. We will be selling our homemade crafts, senior xxx porn and ranchettes in Arizona.
    Don’t worry, have a nice vacation.

  2. Best of…that’s all we get is best of. No guest blogger.

    The most brilliant blogger on the interwebs is MOTUS. Sure it’s a mirror, but a more brilliant mirror is not to be found.. If it’s busy I will volunteer my services and be on good behavior, too.

    Here’s an example of my latest work on the Oval makeover. Absolutely inoffensive.

  3. This is your chance to own prime Arizona property at a bargain price!
    40 acre Ranchettes for $40 an acre. Utilities are available.
    The Ranchettes are located a mere 100 miles south of Phoenix, close to the Mexican/US border.
    (Firearm training classes will be available for all residents)

  4. Michelle will be heading to N’Orleans to promote her FatKidsBehinds program next week. With the announced crime rate, rampant unemployment and general depression of the folks there, there probably won’t be a lot of excitement generated by her visit (unless she’s bringing her “40 friends” and plans to stay at the most expensive hotel).
    Next, a First Lady two-fer at the 9-11 memorial in PA. Then, a keynote speech at some weird congress of international environmental gurus (also attended by Laura Bush). And, a vague promise of “helping” military families (helping, how, is never explained) in the near future.
    All of which seems to be an attempt at the WH to restore her now tanked popularity with the American people. As if.

  5. What no photo-ops for Keith’s kids? No talking about their BMIs and going straight to bed if they don’t eat supper only after eating all their vegetables Poor deprived children.

  6. XXX Special! BetaMax video tapes for only $1.59
    See Albert and Melva at play in the hot tub at the Happy Senior Center!
    Bonus video…Watch Melva give her special CPR to Albert!!
    Supplies limited: first come, first served.

  7. I was forced to watch “Camp Rock: The Final Jam” this weekend and noticed that the teen Disney stars are wearing the tiny cardigan sweaters that Michelle Antoinette favors. So that’s where MO is getting her fashion guidance from.

  8. Oh, goody. BO wants to build more roads, more railroad tracks and more airport tarmacs. Yeah! No more unemployment, no more recession/depression, Happy Days are here! And it will only cost $50billion that we can just print up like magic. What an idiotic plan.
    I wish he would just go on another vacation, many vacations, and leave us alone. And please, Mr President ,take your wife, your WH staff, your Czars and everyone you appointed to anything with you. No need to call home.
    We’ll be alright here.

  9. Oh, poor baby..”they talk about me like a dog”.
    For pete’s sake, MAN UP, you little whiny weasel. You are sounding more and more like an impotent, clueless politician that can’t even control your own party that holds a majority in both houses. Quit blaming GW, the Repubs, Cable TV and Radio talking heads for your failures. It’s YOUR fault, take responsiblity. When the majority of the people don’t like you, your wife, your agenda, your people, your vacations, your ‘new’ office or anything else about you, then wise up and do something about it.