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Obama Schedule || September 2, 2010

No publicly scheduled events today.

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3 Responses to Obama Schedule || September 2, 2010

  1. O has just wasted more of his diminished political clout with a hopeless attempt to broker a co-existing peace.
    Too bad; the Middle East boys are still going to throw sand and hit each other with their shovels. Their hatred for each other is stamped in their genes and the best we should hope for is a “cease fire and a DMZ” future.
    The Russians hate the Germans, the Poles hate the Russians, the N Koreans hate the S Koreans, the Chinese hate the Japanese, etc, et al, blah, blah, and that is the state of the world’s relations.

  2. srdem65, there is no moral equivalency here. It is not about “hatred” but Arab totalitarianism.

    Mr. Obama’s flaw, like his predecessors, is this *mirage* of peace-in-the-Middle-East. There will never be peace because one factor pre-dates even our arguement: Arab-sponsored, Arab-driven anti-Semitism. Remember, the Arabs not only backed Hitler during the Second World War, Hitler raised two division of Muslim SS soldiers, who raped Jugoslavia:

    The Role of Muslim SS Divisions in Jugoslavia’s Holocaust

    In 1948, Israel was invaded by six (6) Arab nations with one goal: *exterminate* the Jews. Since 1948, Arab leaders (and their terrorist allies) have held but one, special mission, the same mission that Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, the Wannsee Conference and the Muslim SS Divisions had: make the world judenrein (“jew free”).

    The hatred against Jews is simply innate to the Arab majority in the ME. It was not until “Chairman” Arafat (a pedophile-terrorist, who died of AIDS) was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize (1994) that Israel and the Palestinians were made co-equals in Israel’s suicide. Arafat, architect of the slaughter of Munich (1972) and the machinegunning of Jewish school children in Maalot (1976) and a thousand other atrocities, was now considered a “peace maker”. Bill Clinton and the left’s insanity knew no bounds as he placed the security of Israel in the hands of an insane, drug-addicted terrorist. Our educated, elite, country-club-run State Department freaks told us “we finally have peace.” Arafat smiled, shook hands on the dais and quietly sent a suicide bomber into a Sbarro pizza parlor in Tel Aviv and exterminated a dozen Jewish college students (1995).

    Anti-Semitism first became rooted in State Department mixology under Sec. Baker (one of Ronald Reagan’s dark legacies), whose hatred of Shamir and a strong, united Israel knew no bounds. His comment, ” … the f——g Jews” set the stage for the ubiquitous clasping of hands with the Jewish Prime Minister in public while virulently bashing him in private. Sec. Baker’s love affair with totalitarian Arab nationalism is now Mr. Obama’s legacy. In 1982, we committed the ultimate atrocity: morally equivicating Israel with her Arab neighbors, all of whom plan / hope / wait for the destruction of the Jewish state.

    Reagan should have stated: There is but one enemy in the Middle East: Arab aggression. And but one free nation: Israel.

    We’ve now become complicit in the destruction of the Jewish state (as have the Israeli’s) by making a pact with the Palestinians, whose objective remains, to this day: the *total extermination* of the Jewish state.

    John Stewart: “Take a football field. That football field is the Middle East. On that field, carve out a one foot x one foot x one foot box at the 50-yard line. That little box, is the State of Israel. Palestinians: “I want your box.” “