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Obama Mentions Education Reform in Iraq Speech

I’d like to mention two things tonight about President Obama’s prime time address.

1. His message to our enemies was clear: “I hate war, and you can be pretty sure I won’t fight another one.”

2. It is sorrowful to see that the president’s fingers were glued together and his jacket sleeves pasted to the desk before the speech. None of the gesticulating of his last Oval Office Address a few weeks ago. Much more of a go at gravitas. It looked like his thumbs were loose, though, and nearly started to wrestle with each other at a couple of points, which I found entertaining.

I’ll have a more careful and serious dissection of this unserious speech for you in the morning.

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4 Responses to Obama Mentions Education Reform in Iraq Speech

  1. I didn’t watch as usual, but Buddy said his head looked large. I just saw the photos and his head looked large because the rest of him looked small. His shoulders and frame looked narrow. His face, despite make up, looked drawn.

    I’m not sure how it played on tv but the visuals would hardly inspire confidence. I liked Jennifer Rubin’s commentary, pun intended.

  2. Jan’s right, he looked like one of those “lolly-pop” people. \
    The trip to Fort Bliss was not a good one, he wasn’t received with the screams of delight that he’s used to getting from his carefully selected audiences. You could tell he was uncomfortable around the soldiers.
    His speech tonight was depressing and uninspired.

  3. The speech was the usual Obama-esque fascade: no emotion, no substance, veiled facial expressions of being hurt or upset. Mr. Obama really looks uncomfortable sitting there for some reason. He has such a lack of flair, shows such a lack of interest and really seems ill at ease. His body language says, “Go away.”

  4. I always watch the audience…at Ft Bliss, many of the soldiers a few feet from him did not even look in his direction…A US president, the commander in chief, you’d think they would be curious anyway.