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Questions About Obama’s Walter Reed Visit

President Obama made an excursion today to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to visit wounded warriors, meeting with 24 who served in Afghanistan and five who fought in Iraq. He awarded 11 Purple Hearts.

Obama signs a banner hanging in a room while visiting with Wounded Warriors

This difficult exercise is not something he does real often. I gotta say, coming one day before travels to Fort Bliss, Texas to mark the end of “combat operations” in Iraq and then delivers an Oval Office address on the matter, this has the very unfortunate feel of either box checking or even  being part of an “Obama keeps his Iraq drawdown promise” celebration. It may just be getting done because Iraq is currently on White House schedulers’ radar.

The trip to Walter Reed was not on the schedule, I assume, just to avoid these types of charges.

Obama rarely publicly addresses the wars he is running. But he spoke about it in Saturday’s radio address, and the White House website is heavy on Iraq right now. So for a few days, the White House is doing Iraq, and then, with “combat operations” supposedly all done, we ain’t gonna hear much about it again.

Unless the Iraqi extremists who know that Obama has little stomach for war decide otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Questions About Obama’s Walter Reed Visit”

  1. Keith, great post.

    ITEM: “Box checking” is “ticket punching” as we used to call it. Idi Amin Obama will “jump” Fort Bliss so that he can say he at least ‘thanked’ the armored troops (I think 1st or 2nd ARM DIV is stationed there) who kicked hell out of Saddam’s praetorian guard back in ’03. The silence from the troops will be deafening. They know an when they see one.

    ITEM: ” … Unless the Iraqi extremists who know that Obama has little stomach for war decide otherwise.” *Excellent point*. Don’t think that the Suni/Shia/Al Queda cliques in Iraq have not done personality assessments on the Infidel-in-Chief; you bet your falafel they have. Mark my word. Once our final combat brigade is airlifted / transported out of the sandbox, all hell will break loose.

    It’s possible Bagdad’s green zone will be assaulted en masse a la Operation GRIEF [ Otto Skorzeny’s commando assault on Allied rear areas during the Battle of the Bulge with 150.panzerbrigade, December, 1944. During the op, German commandos dressed as U.S. Army Military Police infiltrated FLOT positions near the Meuse River; German commandos spoke excellent English and bluffed their way into the American rear turning road signs, giving wrong directions, destroying railways and ammo depots. GRIEF was an absolute success which succeeded not only in spreading confusion (allowing Hitler’s armored divisions to sweep deep into Belgium) but caused Eisenhower’s protection unit to quarantine him in Paris, fearing SS assasination.] The Islamofascists in Iraq are *experts* in SF false-flag ops, succeeding early in 2004 in abducting hundreds of Iraqi and U.N. troops, and contract workers at will, later torturing and executing the captives in the desert while videotaping the slaughter.

  2. He should go to WR everyday! Required! I blogged today on Seroquel–an antipsychotic passed out to these traumed out soldiers–sometimes they die in their sleep from trying to get rid of the nightmares. Yes, this is a volunteer army, but it’s not little lead soldiers–they are humans–and should be used only with the utmost judgment. So everyday, Mr President, make it a station of the cross, no cameras, before golf.

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