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Obama Visits Walter Reed

Obama is making a stop at the Walter Reed Army Hospital. It wasn’t on the schedule. Will update as info becomes available.

6 thoughts on “Obama Visits Walter Reed”

  1. Email from a close friend who served in 5th SF Group (AIRBORNE):

    “Such a person should not even be allowed through the door. Like Clinton, the troops at WR have absolutely nothing in common with anti-military, politicians who only use them for photo ops. This tool is no different. Mission advisory to WR patients: your about to get McChrystalized.”

  2. I’d give him an once of respect for this if there were no cameras. However, he wouldn’t bother going if the WH photag or others couldn’t get pics.

  3. Roger that GJ.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Obama will use this as an opportunity to “make points” and request photogs on hand “to capture the moment.”

    A close friend who was wounded in the assault on Bagdad, stated that when President Bush came to WR in 2004, he entered the burn ward, where he lost it. He saw the ravages of war: faces with no eyes, nose or ears; bodies without limbs; grotesque faces. He stopped by one bed and with tears streaming down his cheeks he began to talk with a warrior who had lost a leg and was blind due to a close-in shrapnel hit. The warrior spoke of learning brail, getting a prosthetic … and getting back out to fish with his kid, even as a blind man. I am told President Bush began sobbing when he heard that, then composed himself and continued visiting the troops. It really effected him. There was no cameras, no photographers, no press pool.

    I hope Mr. Obama treats WR with the respect its due.

    He’s walking on hallowed ground the moment he darkens the doorway of that hospital.

  4. Walter Reed to “honor” the wounded and the brave. Where did I see someone do that just last weekend? Hmmm. Oh. G Beck and S Palin were the ones I saw honor our military heros. Hmmm.
    Too little, too late for O.

  5. Not on schedule, but planned to a Tee. The Bushes visit wounded soldiers and NO ONE would know about it because they’re classy and real. For O, a sad little ploy in a pathetic attempt to rescue his plunging poll numbers. Oh well, at least his motives are transparent.

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