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Obama Schedule || August 31, 2010

8:30 am || Departs White House
12:30 pm || Arrives El Paso, Texas
1:10 pm || Meets and is photographed with troops at Fort Bliss Army Base
2:20 pm || Depart El Paso
6:10 pm || Arrives White House
8:00 pm || Delivers Oval Office address to the nation

All times Eastern

9 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || August 31, 2010”

  1. He’s flying to El Paso to spend 45 minutes at Fort Bliss and then flying back to DC. He must be nuts. His nincompoop advisors have gone off the panic cliff with this stupid waste of the President’s time , AF1 and a bevy of security agents with all 20 of the special vehicles.

  2. 45 min with the troops on the ground? WTF?

    Not only is this an *insane* waste of precious government resources but a veritable slap in the face to the soldiers who will, no doubt, be dragged out of the rack at 0430; briefed at 0600, marched to chow early, and will then play the game: “hurry up and wait on the g-d VIP.” And wait. And wait. And then wait some more. I did it i the Army for Rep’s, Senators and high ranking officers. When said VIP arrives, its a photo op, smiles, rah-rah speech and off he goes.

    Idi Amin Obama. Sheesh, I swear.

    And why Fort Bliss if he’s on such a tight schedule? Why not a base that is closer like Devens or Drum? He could visit Quantico, or hell, spend more time at WRAH with the wounded.

    Mr. Obama has a serious case of *stupid* going on.


    1. For real, Tom. I’m changing meets with the troops to “meets with the troops and is photographed with the troops” based on your and srdems65’s good points!

  3. Wow.

    Just found this buried in a Washington Times article:

    “His progress among active-duty service members, however, has been slower. A Military Times poll this year found that a majority disapproved of his [ Obama’s ] leadership as their commander.”


    If this poll is correct (I would not doubt the veracity of it), over 50% of the military (probably enlisted, NCO’s and Senior NCO’s) have no faith in the Commander in Chief.

    Incredible. I dont think Clinton’s numbers were this low.

  4. Keith, thanks for the change of wording.

    Means A LOT to the soldiers.

    When Comrade Kerry made his gaff in ’05 about the Iraq war, describing soldiers as idiots-who-could-not-make-it-on-the-outside, they recognize a ______________ when they see one. In 1994, a division of the USS ENTERPRISE crew turned their backs on the President when he boarded their ship; Clinton had made degrading remarks about the Navy several weeks before.

  5. Keith: When (and why) does the White House provide an itinerary for the President? Is this done days in advance? Is it given to you guys in the pool or posted on the main website?


    1. Tom – they release it to reporters afternoon or night before. I’ve noticed they recently started putting it up on the White House website too. Maybe just to spite me . . . kidding. They’ve done it for years and the main reason used to be to let reporters who cover the White House know what’s going on, but probably with a few websites now posting it they figured they’d just make it public.

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