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Obama to Deliver Statement on the Economy

For his own political good, he better not speak the truth. It’s at 12:30 in the Rose Garden.

7 thoughts on “Obama to Deliver Statement on the Economy”

  1. He could just shock everyone by saying…well, nothing seems to be working and we’re going to have to re-think the situation. we’ll get back to you soon.

    But, hey, we know it’s all Bush’s fault since he’s omnipotent and has cast an evil spell on all of us.

  2. No way, it will first bash Bush and the Republicans for creating the mess and second, he will come close to breaking his arm or tearing his rotator cuff for solving all the problems and creating a full employment, booming economy in just 19 months!

    1. fxquant – good point. one of a politicians toughest jobs is loosing up the shoulder joint enough to pat oneself on the back. It’s painful. Also to watch.

  3. Michelle Antoinette’s mother, Marian Robinson, has already spun that
    the economy is “just fine.” She knows because everyone on Martha’s Vineyard is living it up with no worries.

    Message to Marian Robinson: Both you and your daughter need to take a class in Manners 101. Neither of you show any class or refinement. Low-rent moochers!

  4. fxquant wins the cigar! it is now after the fact and he has done just what you predicted…blamed Bush and the repubs in Congress…as a side note…
    Howard Dean thinks that the Dems will retain the House – because they have better candidates – this from a guy that could be king if not for demonic possesion.

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