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Live Stream: Obama on Economy From Rose Garden

Sorry Obama was late. I’ve gotten word that one of the lobsters on Obama’s plate during lunch suddenly moved and had to be thrown back into boiling water, delaying the remarks.

11 thoughts on “Live Stream: Obama on Economy From Rose Garden”

  1. Oh my … the lobster comment! Keith never post anything like that when your readers are watching the screen and have a mouthful of Starbucks! I laughed my *** off!

    1. Tom – it was worse for the president’s guests. Further information indicates the lobster attacked lunch companion Larry Summers.

  2. Granny Jan: I am not suprised.

    The WH press pool eviscerated Mr. Gibbs when Mr. Obama went several months without even an off-the-cuff talk with the MSM. Wonder what its like *not* being fed by the hand that is supposed to feed you …

  3. “Today, I have asked Dr. Shirley Sherrod to head an investigation into the Marine Crustacean assault on Dr. Larry Summers …

    “This blue ribbon panel shall ….

    “And make no mistake …

    “Let me be very clear …

    “Intra-coastal Marine Crustacean bigotry will not stand … “

  4. I get it now; the Dem majority in the House is afraid of the Repub minority and so it’s all the fault of the scary, magnificent Repubs. Just because O blames the Repubs for everything from crabgrass on the golf course to global warming is no reason for them not to do what he wants.
    So, the Repubs must be shamed into giving billions of dollars to the banks who will then, hopefully, boost the economy by forcing small businesses to borrow money. Brilliant plan!

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