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Biden Lands in Iraq

As part of the administration’s growing celebration of the end of “combat” operations in Iraq, Vice President Biden is in Iraq to take part in a “a Change of Command and Change of Mission Ceremony,” according to information just released by the White House. According to the White House:

The Vice President’s visit at this juncture will reinforce the long-term U.S. commitment to Iraq.

I don’t know. Isn’t this the guy who wants us out of Afghanistan yesterday?

Obama will travel to Fort Bliss Tuesday to meet with troops and then later deliver an address from the Oval Office on the “change of command.”

3 thoughts on “Biden Lands in Iraq”

  1. Better he should go to a VA hospital and meet the troops there.
    Best yet he should send Biden back to Blair House and tell him to shut up and sit down.
    America knows we’re not “leaving” Iraq anymore than we left Germany, Guam, Japan, and Cuba. Anything O says is sure to be slanted to his benefit and against the former Prez who found a way to allay our fear.

  2. “Long term U.S. committment.” I laughed (again, half heartedly) when I read that.

    In 2003, I championed the assault on Iraq, but disagreed with this “long term committment” insanity that was provided by the bunker-mentality Bush Administration in the lead up to the war. It was the same mentality submerged into field grade leadership during the Korean and Vietnam Wars: we will fight the enemy, but not before we have built theatres, store rooms, swimming pools and helped establish “local infrastructure.”


    You go to Iraq, *destroy* the infrastructure, the military, it’s war-making capacity and then di-di-mao back across the border of Kuwait and allow the *instability* of the Middle East to resume its usual, farcical, hereditary unstable, *stabilized self*.

    This gross distortion of true war-fighting principle has baffled me since I served. “War means fightin’ and fightin’ means killin” stated Nathan Bedford Forrest, and for good reason: you go to war to *destroy* the enemy – not rebuild roads, infrastructure, fire houses. Bush I, Clinton and Bush II should have known better. Mr. Obama is simply carrying on the stupidity.

    Iraq will be rebuilt, back into an anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist, pan-Arab nation that will eventually rally to the more extremist Shia/Sunni divisions. Iraq is a semi-educated, semi-religious Islamic republic with absolutely NO love for the United States or the West. In time, a pan-Maddhist revolt will place a Hamas-like government back in power. The educated idiots at State, CFR, and other frauds will shake their heads in disbelief. We’ve learned nothing from history.

    As a right-wing conservative I shook my head in disgust when I watched Mr. Bush wax on metaphorically about Iraq and the U.S., our constitution and “Iraq’s future as a free nation.” For pete’s sake, its an *Islamic* nation where theocractic rule blots out individual freedom and choice. Iraq is no more free than Lebanon (under the Syrian heel), Iran, Saudi Arabia or even Jordan where a careful balancing act keeps His Majesty in power … barely. Remember the 1970 Palestinian-terror inspired revolt in Jordan? His Majesty’s father barely survived it. Only British-built tanks, British-trained tank crews and infantry along with internecine Israeli support staved off an Arafat-style thugocracy.

    ITEM: The *instability* of the Middle East is stability.

    Any Israeli will tell you that. As long as Arab nations squabble amongst themselves for power, there cannot be a Nasserite revival. Maintain the instability and you maintain Israel’s freedom. Maintain instability and you maintain oil production, and continued Arab-on-Arab aggression. Empower Arab nations (like we have in Iraq and Afghanistan) and Arab nations will laager strength, stability and war-making capacity. You will then have another Middle East war on your hands.

    We learn from history that Islam (and its various strains of belief) is the core principle in pan-Arab totalitarianism … not freedom.

  3. Biden’s itinerary includes a sit-down with the principles negotiating to put together a new government. If his purpose is help in the negotiations – as the White House has so stated – his two cents at the talks would probably go like this: “Well, Prime Minister Maliki, Mr. Allawi, let me just say that as important as establishing a new government and a stable democracy is a big F’en deal, you can always opt to divide Iraq into three semi-autonomous regions.”

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