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Obama Schedule || August 31, 2010

8:30 am || Departs White House 12:30 pm || Arrives El Paso, Texas 1:10 pm || Meets and is photographed with troops at Fort Bliss Army Base 2:20 pm || Depart El Paso 6:10 pm || Arrives White House 8:00 pm || Delivers Oval Office address to the nation All times Eastern

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Questions About Obama’s Walter Reed Visit

President Obama made an excursion today to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to visit wounded warriors, meeting with 24 who served in Afghanistan and five who fought in Iraq. He awarded 11 Purple Hearts. This difficult exercise is not something he does real often. I gotta say, coming one day before travels to Fort Bliss, Texas to mark the end of “combat operations” in

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Obama Visits Walter Reed

Obama is making a stop at the Walter Reed Army Hospital. It wasn’t on the schedule. Will update as info becomes available.

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Barack Obama, Savior of Small Business

Obama plans this fall to give Republicans a thorough and nearly daily thrashing for blocking a relatively minor Senate bill that would aid small businesses. He did it repeatedly before heading up to Martha’s Vineyard to save the lobster industry and is at it again now that he’s back. Here’s what he said in the Rose Garden this afternoon. Unfortunately, this bill has been languishing

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Biden Lands in Iraq

As part of the administration’s growing celebration of the end of “combat” operations in Iraq, Vice President Biden is in Iraq to take part in a “a Change of Command and Change of Mission Ceremony,” according to information just released by the White House. According to the White House: The Vice President’s visit at this juncture will reinforce the long-term U.S. commitment to Iraq. I

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