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Obama: Restrained Bush Bashing in New Orleans

Well, President Obama’s rhetoric is mostly what you’d expect in New Orleans, laced with some decently written  inspiration stuff about how the city is pluckily bouncing back.

But of course, not a mention of President Bush by the current “outreach” president, even though many believe Bush performed admirably helping the city after the initial disaster, which was caused in no small part by the failures of local political meatheads in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Instead of magnanimity and unity from Obama, there were not-too-carefully camouflaged digs at his predecessor, as well as a pitch for Democratic Sen Mary Landrieu. Here are some comments from the remarks as prepared for delivery.

It was a natural disaster but also a manmade catastrophe; a shameful breakdown in government that left countless men, women, and children abandoned and alone . . .

When I took office, more than three years after the storm, tens of thousands of families were still stuck in disaster housing – with many living in small trailers provided by FEMA.  We were spending huge sums of money on temporary shelter when we knew it would be better for families, and less costly for taxpayers, to help people get into affordable, stable, and more permanent housing.  So we’ve helped make it possible for people to find those homes, dramatically reducing the number of families in emergency housing . . .

We are cutting through the tangle of red tape that has impeded rebuilding efforts for years.  We are making government work better and smarter . . .

Some weirdness  before the remarks, when Obama made a surprise stop at a roadside place. From the pool report:

A young man standing beneath one of those Ziploc bags (filled with water for some reason) told POTUS to “get the surf and turf, on top of each other.”
“The combo thing,” POTUS replied knowingly. “There was a time I could do that. When I was your age.

Huh? The surf ‘n turf is too much?

Also a funny moment, when his order was ready, apparently an announcement over the loudspeaker, “Barack pickup.”

7 Responses to Obama: Restrained Bush Bashing in New Orleans

  1. “standing beneath one of those Ziplock bags” Huh? Does that have a hidden meaning or do they hang Ziplock bags on the ceilings in NOLA?
    His speech wasn’t so bad, mostly ‘good job folks’ and keep up the good work. I thought his promise to stand behind them until the job was done was so Obama. The last I read, the Haitians who also have the Obama’s behind them are still living in tents and cardboard shelters.
    Mrs O was dressed inappropriately (again) in a short, cleavage showing summer dress and when she sat with her legs crossed, all could see tomorrow. All of her 22 assistants must be Repubican plants.

  2. Once again Keith, a superb article. This truly *is* the Disunifier-and-Chief. The charge “not too carefully camouflaged digs” is *bang* on.

    Mr. Obama’s specific objective with the speech (besides the hopey-changey lubricant that is consensual at all Obama love fests) was to blame Mr. Bush in-abstensia. Mr. Lauer was able to suckerpunch Mrs. Bush earlier in the week, all of which was obviously planned in advance. [ Of course *WHY* Mrs. Bush allowed herself to be interviewed by an MSM tool is beyond me ]. No mention of Mr. Nagin (whose unpreparedness killed thousands), the gentlemen who now fashions himself a “disaster and response consultant” and for whom Katrina could have been his finest hour.

    The tragedy of Mr. Obama’s speech is that he was unable to articulate even a miniscule of “thanks” to one of the *true success stories* to ever come out of Katrina: the Cajun Navy. Thousands of rednecks, hicks, hunter-fisherman types who came back after the storm and made thousands of rescues in the lower Ninth Ward. Flatbottoms led by Southern, backwater boatmen who, without government support did the right thing: helping the thousands of homeless African-Americans stranded in high water. A hand held out, pulling in a stranded homeowner, providing water, rations, a blanket and transportation to dry land.

  3. Heard you on Kennedy’s show and had to check out the blog. I think the Ziplocs are bug traps.

    One correction: “chocked”? “Chock full” would be correct.

    • Chock-full it is. I do encourage corrections around here as my devotion to the English language – with exceptions for slang and attitude – is stronger than my ego. Glad you heard me on Kennedy. I do admire her.

  4. We all knew that Barry, the inept, thin-skinned emperor would take a dig at Bush.

    Someone please tell Michelle Antoinette how to sit like a dignified lady. We all know she isn’t one, but she can at least sit like one.

    Her “I’m desperate/I’m low-class” sitting style is a national embarrassment.

  5. FLOTUS must learn how to dress, sit, act and talk. She reminds me of Mrs. Clinton in many respects: “here take this”, using Secret Service and Military Personnel as baggage handlers when she takes her expensive trips.

    For heaven’s sake …