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Obama Gets You to Salute the Troops

Yes, this project is part PR stunt to highlight that President Obama is drawing down the troops in Iraq. But, well, he is drawing down the troops, and he deserves some credit for it. Even though he opposed the policy – the surge – that made this all possible, as srdem65 points out. As these types of things go, a project to salute the troops is a nice idea.

The initiative encourages people to use various social media to post their appreciation for the job well done and the sacrifices in Iraq. You can find out more about it here.

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6 Responses to Obama Gets You to Salute the Troops

  1. Too little, too late. He lost the opportunity to honor our country’s warriors when he gave a desultory speech at West Point. When he takes credit for the troop withdrawal in Iraq, he does so without understanding why the Iraqi war was so important to Americans.

  2. Mr. Obama forgot both V-E (Victory in Europe) Day and V-J (Victory over Japan) Day this year. He also forgot D-Day (Normandy) as well as “the first D-Day’s (as former Italian Campaign veterans will quip) in North Africa (1942), Sicily (1943) and Italy (early 1944).

    Not only did he not make a statement … there wasn’t even an acknowledgement on the White House website.

    For all the faults of Mr. Clinton (and heavens-to-Betsy, there were many), Mr. Clinton always made a statement, even if it was a five or ten minute PC in the Rose Garden.

  3. I wish I believed this was a victory in Iraq so it could really be over, but it’s a photo op “victory.” We still have troops there and may have to send more back.

  4. Star,

    Your probably right.

    The drawdown was too quick; if an Iranian-supported insurgency brings down the interim government, you can bet we will airlift an (all-arms) combat brigade back into Bagdad.

    As Keith stated, he opposed the war and the surge; I am interested to see what he would do … or not do. Like the BP Oil Spill, he may just dither until he finds “common ground” with fawning WH apparatchiks.

  5. Nothing O can do will be as compelling as the honors given to our military this morning at the G Beck gathering.
    It was a moving experience and grand theatre.