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Obamas Dined at McDonald’s Tonight

Of course not.

The Obamas have landed at the Beach Plum Inn for dinner. Not exactly your average hot dog stand. From the website:

With panoramic views from every table, patrons gaze at the passing ships, cresting waves and iridescent setting sun . . .  Ranked as best restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard and Top Six in New England by Food and Wine Magazine, the Beach Plum Inn Restaurant is also an Island hot spot. Featuring classical regional cuisine with an island flair, Executive Chef James McDonough prepares daily culinary works of art from the fresh native Atlantic seafood, aged beef and free-ranged chicken among other delights.

Glad to know the chickens can walk around before Chef McDonough wrings their necks.

I took a look at the menu. Here’s what I think the Obamas went for.

Steamed Twin Local Lobsters $39
With potatoes, vegetable du jour, and drawn butter

LOBSTER! Two of them on one plate. With butter to goose the cholesterol content. I hope this restaurateur is as big an idiot as the one the other night at the State Road Restaurant who spilled the beans on what the Obamas ordered AFTER BEING ASKED NOT TO.  Maybe they figured this being the openness administration and all, nobody would mind.

Well, if the Obamas go to the State Road Restaurant next year, I’ll eat my computer. Really, I will.

Here’s the lovely Beach Plum Inn.

10 thoughts on “Obamas Dined at McDonald’s Tonight”

  1. What about all those comments about the price of lobster being so cheap? You get to dine in exquisite luxury and get ripped off at the same time.

    The foursome played at the exclusive Vineyard Golf Club again today. I saw the video and BO’s swing was cringe worthy and with all the practice he gets.

    I hope we get to see the happily stewed couple leaving the restaurant. We could get to see Michelle’s outfit number 623. Washing clothes just wastes pressure resources. Better something new each day.

  2. The O’s are so selfless, worrying about our diets while sacrificing their own health by eating all those high cholesterol foods.

  3. This is one wacky vacation. He golfs and she, what, eats?
    He buys some books and then one day they go on a lame bike ride.
    No BBQ on the beach with the family/friends, no dinner at friend’s house, no boating, fishing, sailing, just hanging around making dinner reservations even though they brought their personal chef with them.

    “Free range chicken”; I wonder if they’re like the “free range cattle” we have here in AZ who wander over thousands of acres of scrub and grass. There are still actual “cowboys” who ride horses to round up the herd, so, I’m guessing that there are “chicken-boys” who chase down the elusive birds.

  4. “Executive Chef James McDonough prepares daily culinary works of art from the fresh native Atlantic seafood, aged beef and free-ranged chicken among other delights.”

    Main cook Jim McDonough cooks seafood, beef, chicken, and other stuff.

    1. Michelle, I’m sure it is a parody. Laura Ingraham has a very good sense of humor. But it really sounds authentic. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I’m broken hearted today because there were no photos of their exiting the restaurant. It is in a dry town, too. BYOChampagne? Well, I guess they couldn’t top those bike photos.

    I’m working on an Obama bike video and I’m going to sneak in a pic of my grandaughter with her training wheels. (Don’t tell my daughter- you can’t recognize her anyhow with the helmet) There will be some other surprises, too.

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