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Obama, Spread the Wealth Around: A Lobster in Every Pot

This was made by one of my regular readers, Granny Jan, who creates videos at her blog Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty. Thought you might enjoy it.

6 Responses to Obama, Spread the Wealth Around: A Lobster in Every Pot

    • Very funny video, really well done. The Drudge link just went down, unfortunately, or I could have gotten you more hits. But aftershocks continue due to viral nature of Drudge, so it will still help.

  1. You’re the best, Jan.
    Makes me wonder, do they ever eat anything like meatloaf or beans&franks like the rest of us? Besides being high in calories and cholesterol, steak, shrimp and lobster dripping with butter can get old, too (I don’t know firsthand but I’ve heard..).
    Anyhoo, let’s hope that this vacation gives BO a new outlook, a new perspective on the things that are causing Americans so much anguish.
    For the last two years of his term, let’s hope that he finds a presidential attitude, a humble approach to the things that went wrong and a understanding of how Americans think and feel about important issues.
    Hey, I can dream, too. I don’t know if a better man or woman will be sworn in Jan 20 2013, but they can hardly be worse than what we have now.

  2. So cute! Can I get a link on YouTube for a person I know in Israel (she and her friends are not presidential admirers)? You are good at this! I was pretty impressed by all the Drudgies who did lobster comparison shopping, too. I lead a sheltered life.

  3. Star, if you click twice the embeded video when it starts it will take you to the You Tube page.

    Here’s the link for your Israeli friend I look at lots of Israeli videos if they have subtitles.

    I think the price of lobster that the Drudgies were bringing up was irrelevent. They missed the point of Keith’s essay.