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Obama Golfing With Mayor Bloomberg!

Well, for the president’s fifth golf outing of his vacation, he has chosen New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg, chief defender of the builders of the Ground Zero Mosque, as his companion.

Bloomberg of course is fresh from an appearance last night on the Jon Stewart Show in which he insulted opponents of the mosque by suggesting they were in it for the PR. Here’s what he said while doing, as an astute reader pointed out, some PR for himself.

This is plain and simple people trying to stir up things to get publicity and trying to polarize people so that they can get some votes . . . And I don’t think that most of these people who are yelling and screaming really care one way or another.

How else to explain anyone disagreeing with someone the splendid and caring Michael Bloomberg?

Obama’s decision to go golfing on Martha’s Vineyard with a multi-zazillionaire is certain to mitigate the growing perception that the former community activist has gone elitist.

We’ll see how the two Lobster Liberals are getting along at the end of 18 holes.*

*Thanks to Granny Jan for coining the new term, “Lobster Liberals”

UPDATE at 3:24 PM:

There was a 15-minute discussion of the economy in the “clubhouse” at the Vineyard Golf Club. The latest pool report:

More details and a further redeout on Bloomberg visit…

“The President and Mayor Bloomberg took the opportunity to discuss plans for short- and long-term economic growth at a pivotal point in our recovery,” said White house spokesman Reid Cherlin.

Oh please, spare us. Just go golfing.

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4 Responses to Obama Golfing With Mayor Bloomberg!

  1. “Bloomberg [appeared] on the Jon Stewart Show [and] insulted opponents of the mosque by suggesting they were in it for the PR.”

    Oh, the sweet irony: goes on a fake news show and says SOMEONE ELSE is “in it for the PR.”

  2. Why not surround yourself with the man who has defended the Ground Zero Mosque? Mr. Bloomberg uses the Seal of New York City to label opposition, “facsist”, “racist” and “Islamophobic” Mr. Obama and Mr. Bloomberg have drunk deeply of Olbermann, Maddow, Rich, O’Donnell, Churchill and even share a “fascination” of “Chairman Arafat.”


    Mr. Bloomberg is a faux Republican, whose bellicose ostracism of those who are in opposition knows *no* bounds. Interestingly, his language, use of pejorative, stock phrases and “social justice” cant mirrors that of CAIR, ASMIR, AMIR, and the wildly anti-Semitic groups like ISM who share talking points in the same vein that Journolist “shared intelligence” before the balloon was busted by “the new media.”

    They will probably both “venture” to Starbucks for half-caf, mocha latte’s with a spritzer of cinammon …. and to live dangerously … a shot of Espresso … to further discuss “in the arena of ideas” the “separation of church and state.